Your Teenage Child - Ashton

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A/N I will do "Your teenage child" for Luke, Michael and Calum its just they are going to be quite long so I thought they should each have their own chapter :) Marley is your teenage daughter

Marley was yours and Ashton's 16 year old daughter. She had been dating this guy and as soon as Ashton heard he immediately ordered her to invite him round for dinner so Ashton could  do the whole 'protective dad thing'. He was due to come round on Friday, his name was Mark.

Friday came and around and as expected, at 6pm, Mark knocked on the door and was greeted by Marley, she was the to take him through to the kitchen were he was seated and then everyone else sat down.

This is when it began.

"So Mark, hows school? I'm Ashton by the way but you can call me sir" Ashton started off gently to see what he was like before he got to the main question.

"Yes very well sir," Mark answered but doubted him, if the 3 eyebrow piercings and the nose ring didn't give it away, then it must of been the black and green hair or the all black clothes. I'm not saying that the way you dress determines your grades or schoolwork but in this case, it did.

"Let's skip the gentle talk and get straight to it , what exactly do you plan to do to and with my daughter ?" Ashton asked him straight , leaving Marley open mouthed and Mark behaving like a goldfish ."well?" Ashton implored impatiently.

"I...I ddont plan tto ddo aanything badd sir if that is what you are implying." Mark replied stuttering badly.

"Dad what are you doing ?" Marley addressed Ashton but then turned to you "mum what is dad doing ?"

"No idea honey." You replied even though you knew exactly what he was doing, he was protecting your daughter, seeing if he was worthy of her company. Ashton didn't like him but you decided he wasn't that bad and the rest of the evening went down well, with only a few awkward moments shared between Ashton and Mark.

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