He Sees Your Banner In The Crowd (Only Cake)

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Calum ~

You loved 5sos and was very excited when you were finally able to get tickets to one of their concerts. You and your best friend Gemma were gonna go and support the boys in the front section but somewhere in the middle so relatively close to the boys. You decided to make a banner each and your one read "Calum I want to mother your baby Hoods? @Y/Insta/N". you didn't think it was anything special but soon you saw Calum look your way, laugh and point it out to Michael and Luke. Later you log onto Instagram to see the boys had posted a picture of your sign with the caption " @Y/Insta/N sure how about we try tomorrow jks !!!"

Next day you had 1000 more followers, thanks boys!!

Luke ~

You breathed on your hands to warm them up on this cold winters morning. You were stood outside in the cold at 7:00am just so you could get a glimpse of the boys. They were going on the BBC Breakfast show to talk about and promote their new album. So you, along with your friends, Mia and Tilly, decided to wait outside the doors, you, Mia , Tilly and around 600 other girls and boys. You saw the boys coming and held up your hand made sign that had the words "Future Mrs Hemmings" emblazoned on it with an arrow pointing down at you. Luke saw your sign and laughed. Your heart skipped several beats, and a smile lit up your face .

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