Your Teenage Child - Michael

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A/N Lewis is yours and Michaels son.

Lewis' POV -

I have to do it today otherwise I probably never will. I don't know how they will react but to be honest , if they don't stick by me then they are not worth knowing. I decide to make a cake and have just finished icing it.

"Mum, Dad can you come and try my cake please?" I ask casually even though I am a nervous wreck inside. They waltz in and I hand them each a slice. "Do you like it andbythewayimgay " I say it so fast that a confused expression paints their faces. So I repeat it slower as I'm a bit less nervous now,"I'm gay."

A huge smile takes over the face of mum and dad just hugs me crying. He has never cried before and soon our hug is invaded as mum engulfs us both in her tender arms."we're proud if you no matter what!" I don't really know who said it but that made me comfortable and all the nervousness just washed away.

We break apart and a serious face replaces the smile my mum once sported , "we will be proud of you and support you no matter what because we are your parents ."

Now it was Dads turn, " son you didn't need to come out to us, if one day you brought home a boyfriend we wouldn't be shocked we would of just acted the same as if it was a girlfriend you bought home." That seemed to make sense but probably made more sense in his head.

"Thanks mum and Dad"

From that day on , just knowing my parents will always be there for more made me take huge risks.

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