Chapter Thirty Nine

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Annabelles PoV

I was currently standing outside of Alpha Matthews house in a flimsy white maxi dress, in front of hundreds of people. It looks like his whole pack was summoned here to witness this.

After the woman was finished getting me ready she simply lead me out of the front door and then blended into the crowd, leaving me to stand on the porch by the front door with no idea what to do next.

I had the sudden urge to run but I knew that I wouldn't get far, Alpha Matthew and his men weren't to far away.

I wrapped my arms around myself as I felt a strong breeze, causing goose bumps to form on my skin and my dress to billow around my bare feet. Could they not of at least given me a jacket? Or at least a pair of shoes?

Just as I was about to give up on standing here I suddenly saw the sea of people part, revealing Alpha Matthew with a woman walking beside him. I had never seen her before but I instantly knew she was the witch that was going to be performing the ceremony.

She had jet black hair knotted into a top knot on top of her head with bits hanging down framing her face, a black dress on and a velvet cape that hung across her shoulders. I internally rolled my eyes at her look, could she be any more cliche?

They both made their way onto the front porch, neither one of them acknowledging my presence as they turned to face their pack.

"Fellow pack members, I have gathered you all here today to witness the joining of your Alpha and Luna. It is a rare and special moment in history when two wolves decide to go against the moon goddess wishes and it should be celebrated."

I frowned at him, confused. I thought Jax said it was against pack law to perform this kind of ceremony? If that was common knowledge then why isn't anyone doing anything?

I look amongst the sea of faces, hoping to find one friendly face in the crowd but deflated in defeat as I noticed not one set of eyes turned to me, they were solely focused on Matthew.

"Isabella here will have the honour of performing the ritual." Matthew shouted to the crowed as he turned to his left and took the witch, who I'm guessing is called Isabella, by the hand.

She bowed before Matthew before reaching into her cloak and produced a dagger. I had a moment of relief as I thought she intended to use the dagger on Matthew but that relief was short lived as I watched her round on me.

She took confident steps towards me, like a predictor staking it's prey. My entire body was screaming at me to run, to fight this, but I knew that I couldn't. If I did that everyone that I loved would die.

The witch held her hand out to me and I copied her, placing my hand in hers and she proceeded to drag me until I stood in front of Alpha Matthew. My hands were shaking, both from cold and fear, but I refused to let it show as I looking into the eyes of evil.

He smirked at me, as if he knew what I was thinking and I couldn't help the loan tear that escaped my eye at what I was about to loose from performing this ritual.

"Aww happy tears on our special day, how sweet" Matthew sneered as he snatched my hand in his and squeezed until I lost blood flow. "Remember why your doing this little Annie, for your beloved little Jax and your family".

Another tear escaped as I wiped it from my cheek, this sorry excuse of a man didn't deserve my fear. "Jax is going to find you... he's going to find you and he's going to kill you in the most painful and brutal way you can think of" I growled at him, as I felt my wolf start to come through.

"Ah ah careful, wouldn't want your little Beta to suffer for your mouth now would you?" Matthew smirked and I frowned at him as he signalled for me to look to my right. At first I couldn't see what he was talking about but quickly realised as a gasp escaped my lips.

Xavier was being held up by two men, both covered in his blood, as one held a knife to his throat whilst the other held his head back.

"Don't you dare hurt him" I growled again, feeling anger for the way he was treating my pack.

"Go through with the ceremony and I won't" he growled back, red shining though his irises.

I ground my teeth to stop the choice words from coming out and just gave him a swift nod.

The witch suddenly stepped up to us and placed our palms face up next to each other. As we stood there she started to mutter some stuff in a language I couldn't determine and before I could blink she suddenly slashed mine and Matthews palms in one slash.

I hissed in pain and tried to bring my hand away but my body wouldn't let me, like my hand had a mind of its own and wanted to stay rooted next to Alpha Matthews.

"It's no use trying to resist princess, your in it for the long hall now" Matthew grinned at me from across our blood stained palms. Our blood merging into one another's. I glared at him in hate, hating him for getting me into this situation.

The witch sprinkled some form of herb that burned the cut before suddenly gripped our wrists and bringing our hands flat against each other, so that the cuts were touching.

She started muttering more words I couldn't understand as she started to tie a blood red sash around our wrists. The pain was getting worse and worse, as if someone was pouring acid onto my hand and no amount of tugging I did would let me release my hand from Alpha Matthews.

Tears were dripping from my chin as I mourned what I was loosing as well as the physical pain that I was currently going though.

To anyone else's eyes it would look like we were perfectly content. As if standing here and going though this wasn't the most painful experience of my existence but I knew from the look in Matthews eyes that he was going through just as much pain as I was.

I suddenly heard a roar off in the distance and my heart immediately jumped as my body recognised the sound. It was Jax, and he was pissed.

I just had to hold out a little bit longer, just long enough for him and everyone one else to get here and then I could be free from this hell and free from alpha Matthew.

'JAX HURRY!' I screamed through our mind link but I didn't get a response.

I looked back at Alpha Matthew and for the first time I saw doubt and fear flash in his eyes, but it was only for a second before the witch proceeded to mutter more words and swiftly stab us with the dagger in our hand.

I screamed in pain, this time my body allowing my to control it, as I looked at our joint hands to see the dagger going right through both of our hands with the handle touching my skin.

The next thing I knew my brain burst alive as I felt electricity and fire burn through every vain and cell of my body. What was happening to me!

Before I knew it, both myself and Matthew collapsed to the floor, our hands still connected by the dagger, as blackness consumed me.

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