Chapter Thirty Two

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Jax's POV

It had been 24 hours since they had taken my mate and beta and I was going out of my mind. I refused to sleep and only ate when my mother forced me to, my sole focus was on getting everyone back.

I should have known that Annabelle would pull something like this. Ever since she told me about the ultimatum that stranger gave her I could see it in her eyes that she wanted to hand herself in, I was just in to much of a blind rage to notice.

"Any updates from Xavier Jax?" My parents asked as they walked into the office. I couldn't imagine what they were going though, not only was their Luna and future daughter in law taken but also their son and practically adopted son were taken with her.

"No sorry" I sighed as I ran my fingers through my hair again. "They must have him tied up with silver somewhere, either that or they are injecting him with wolfsbane".

"Well I'm sure something will come up soon" my dad tried to reassure me as he came over and clapped me on the back, showing as much moral support as he could.

"I'm just so angry" I growled. "After Annabelle has her dream walk thing she said she knew where they were and if I had just shut up long enough to let her finish we wouldn't even be having this issue. We could be out there, rescuing them right now".

"You can't blame yourself honey, you were worried for the sake of your pack and the sake of your luna" my mum tried to sooth me as she came and perched on my desk.

"An Alpha can't cloud his mind with worry though mum, otherwise things like this happen" I sighed, sounding more defeated than I thought I ever could.

My mum smiled a sad smile before stroking my cheek, she was a Luna herself after all, it's in her nature to care about everyone. "You can't expect yourself to never have feelings of anger or worry Jax, if you didn't you wouldn't be the amazing boy I raised".

I stayed silent as I stared blankly at the map in front of me, I had been staring at it for so long I wasn't even sure if it made sense anymore.

"Go and take a nap, at least an hour to give your brain and body time to recharge. Your no use to anyone if your so tired you can't even keep your head up".

I sighed as I looked up at my mum, knowing she was right but couldn't bring myself to leave.

"How about you take a nap on the sofa over there and me and your father will carry on working, if something comes up we can easily wake you".

I thought about it for a second before slightly nodding and got up to head over to the sofa on the other side of my office. I bought it for this exact reason, I sometimes ended up working so late in here when I finished I didn't even have enough energy to walk to my bed.

I settled down into the leather and prayed that mum and dad will spot something that I didn't.

I was walking though the woods, way past the boundary of my territory, when I heard a twig snap on my right.

Where was I? How did I get here when I was only just asleep in my office? I couldn't be sleep walking because I knew mum and dad wouldn't have let me get this far out into rouge territory.

I heard another twig snap and my wolf growled in my head, we were on another persons land and that spelt danger for anyone, even an Alpha.

I turned towards the sound of footsteps that was making their way towards me but I frowned at the sound of them. They were noisy, like the person wasn't even concerned with being found.

I hid behind a tree and as the footsteps got closer and closer I readied my self to pounce. Three. Two. ONE!

'Ahhhh' the person I jumped on screamed and it wasn't until I was on top of them with their hands pinned either side of their head that I realised who it was.

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