Chapter 16: Going Back

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I woke up, subconsciously stretching my hand out to find Niall's warm body on the other side of the bed, feeling nothing but the cold sheets.

Feeling a bit disappointed, I felt myself slowly drifting off, until a slight clinking of glass woke me up again. I opened my eyes and saw my boyfriend carrying a tray filled with food, two glasses of orange juice and a pink daisy.

Niall grinned, laying the tray onto the mattress, "Missed me?" he asked. I smiled at him, as he leaned in for a kiss, "Hell yes!" I whispered before kissing him softly. "I think you should run for the Best Boyfriend Prize love." I said, feeding him a piece of buttered toast as he sat onto the bed, beside me, blushing.

"Only for you." he muttered, placing the flower behind my ear, grinning. I kissed him passionately before pulling away quickly, smirking. His eyes widened, "You're teasing me and I brought you breakfast?!" he gasped. I giggled, biting a piece into the only strawberry, and winked at him. Niall, unfortunately couldn't resist me when I winked. Hehe. 

 He gulped hard, probably controlling himself, "Can I have some strawberry pretty please?" he pleaded, pouting. I laughed, throwing my head back. I just loved playing around with him, as he did with me. "Come and get it!" I teased, eyeing him cheekily. 

Niall grinned, "If you insist." I lightly chuckled as he crawled up to me, pinning me down onto the bed. I quickly stuffed the strawberry into my mouth, shaking my head as he hovered above me, probably looking like a chipmunk. "Aww how sexy and adorable!" he cooed, laughing, before pecking my nose. "Give me at least a piece!"  I rolled my eyes, playfully sticking my strawberry filled tongue at him, as he quickly licked a piece off. I swallowed the remaining fruit, "You're gross Horan!" I giggled. Niall just shrugged before kissing me passionately. 

His hands slowly trailed up to my shirt, as he tried to pull it off. I pulled away, panting. "Niall..." I whined, wiggling out of his grasp. He let out a groan, "Why?" he whined himself, pouting as he laid back onto the mattress. I chuckled, snuggling into his side, "Because I can barely walk from last night!" I joked, taking in his Armani scent. Niall tensed up, "I hurt you?" he asked, suddenly worried. I smirked against his chest, "I was joking baby." He sighed in relief, wrapping an arm around my waist. 

"I love you." he whispered before we both drifted off again. 

After going on every ride in Disney, buying everyone Mickey Mouse ears, we finally arrived back at the hotel, completely knackered. "I can't feel my legs anymore!" Danielle groaned, leaning in against a tired Liam. I giggled, agreeing with her. The boys had literally dragged us on every one of them. I laid my head on Niall's shoulder as he put his arm around my waist, sitting on the sofa. I heard m phone buzz several times in Niall's jacket breast-pocket. I fished it out, and answered.

"Oh my gad. Finally! I HAVE AN AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU!" José shrieked into my ear. I pulled the phone away from my ear, as the others tried to fight back their giggles. "Merry Christmas to you too José! What's up?" I said, slightly getting worried at what could the 'Amazing News' be.

"YOU ARE CHOSEN FOR VOGUE'S JANUARY COVER!" He squealed, fangirling into my ear. I pulled the phone away again. One more scream and I would probably be deaf. I didn't like the sound of this. If the cover was for January, the photoshoot would be for very soon. Too soon. I honestly didn't give a damn about my career, but I needed money, especially since I had decided I needed to pick up my studies now. "When do I have to be at the studio?" 

"Tomorrow! I've already booked the tickets, you leave at 6am from Orly Gate 4." he chirped. My heart sunk, I heard Niall let out a deep sigh beside me. "Okay. See you tomorrow then." I muttered, clamping my phone shut. They all smiled back at me, "Congrats babe!" shouted out Harry, as Zayn tackled me into a hug, Liam, Dani and Eleanor started clapping as Niall pecked my lips. I laughed but I couldn't shake off the twinge of sadness overwhelm me. As the banter died down, I heaved a sigh, Niall squeezing my hand. "I'm sorry." I whispered to him, as the others continued talking.

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