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*Mature Scenes*

His cheeks burned a bright crimson, a red fiery painting his features in his obvious innocence regardless of the lustful thoughts that threatened to shatter his resolve. Her hands were on his belt, and Nicholas couldn't breathe. The air was knocked from his lungs while his pulse shifted downwards, his restraint crumbling under her gentle touch. 

Her fingers shook. 

Don't be lustful, Nick. Focus on her. Forget about your needs, he tried to tell himself, closing his eyes as she successfully pulled the leather nuisance off. God knows I don't want to stop. 

Like a flash of lightning, he remembered her shaking hands, her nervous lip bite, and her uneasy eyes. Nicholas opened his eyes, taking her hands in his, and struggling to maintain his composure. His breathing was uneven, heart racing against his chest, body inflamed with burning desire for the one girl he always wanted since the day she ran into the library and straight into his assistance.

Startled and confused, Dina stared up at him, eyes wide, black khol smudged and thick lashes flickering with every blink, a natural beauty who excelled at the exotic smolder that drove him wild. Her eyes reminded him of the maple of an autumn's day, an intoxication on a somewhat cold day, resembling a dark brown that glowed with her every thought. 

Slowly, her lips parted, and a delicious stirring vibrated throughout his body. Easy, buddy.

"Dina," he whispered breathlessly, "are you sure?"

She cocked her head, smiling deviously at him. "I've been sure," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "The question is, are you going to take my offer?"

He playfully nipped at her earlobe, drawing a giggle from her. "Careful, sweetheart," he warned, voice dangerously low. Nicholas pinched her waist. "You don't want to start something you can't finish."

Dina pulled back a bit, hands falling to his shoulder blades as she did her own exploring. When her feather-like touches danced across his chest, his breath hitched, grip tightening. Knowing her effect on him, Dina continued her ongoing torture, her consistent teasing. Her hands trailed from the muscle of his arms, down his pectorals, and painfully slow down his front, lingering as she got closer and closer to the most heated part of his body. 

Nicholas inhaled sharply, watching her with his bright blue eyes, feeling anticipation cloud over his judgment. 

His wife hid her smile, pulling the bottom of her succulent lips into her mouth, one he was dying to taste, to devour. "And if I do start?" she asked, soft voice dragging across his veins, a tantalizing drug that he needed to hear more of. "Will you stop me?"

"God, no," he exhaled.

Her fingers brushed over his most sensitive region, eliciting a long, heavy groan from him.

"So, I don't see a-"

Nicholas couldn't stand it anymore. He gripped her chin, roughly claiming her lips in a seering, passionate kiss that had her knees buckling. Pulling her sensual body against him, all logic flew from his mind, all sensibility withered into dust, all control succumbed to his desires. Her lips moved against his, mouth opening, soft gasps escaping her, and fingers winding into his already disheveled blonde hair.

Without realizing, Nicholas had Dina pushed against the mattress, his body between her shapely legs. His lips not once leaving hers as he continued to bite, nibble, and pull at the delicate skin. With every intake of breath, he couldn't help but dive in for more. With every taste, he couldn't help but thirst after more. 

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