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"You have no competition here, Reece. But the minute you realize you're leading the race, you'll have no reason to keep pushing yourself." He stares down at me pinned against the wall between his arms. "Call me an asshole all you want. It won't stop me from trying to make you the best doctor you can be."

. . .

Naomi Reece's life was complicated long before starting her residency. As a woman of color at the beginning of her medical career, she has enough to overcome without people discovering her invisible illnesses. When her path crosses that of a pretentious and self-proclaimed "damaged" attending, Milo Corbin, complicated takes on a whole new meaning.

While caring for a young patient named Grace, Naomi and Milo find out they have more in common than previously thought. As they attempt to save Grace's life, they start to realize it is Grace who may save them both.


A/N: This story was prescribed by my therapist as a way to work through a difficult event in my life. Parts are very personal to me, parts are completely fictionalized. 

This is a work of fiction and will have dramatized scenes and situations for the sake of entertainment. This is in no way meant to be, and will not be, a realistic example of medical practice.

Trigger warnings: The story revolves around serious illnesses and contains mature content including language, sexual situations, and other difficult themes. Intended for mature audiences only.

© 2020 E.M. Wilson, All Rights Reserved

 Wilson, All Rights Reserved

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