so like you know when you read a chapter of a fanfic and you just really wanna bathe yourself in holy water? Well.. That just happened to me. Anyways, new update! Let's see what happens...


Emily's POV

I wake up with an extreme pain in my entire body.

I try and move, but I can't. I try to open my eyes, I can't. I start to panic, but nothing happens. I can't move.

Am I dead?

"A coma?" I hear Luke squeak.

I'm in a coma?

Sudden images of earlier today flash into my mind. Rehab, period, car accident.. That dick-wad.

"You should go home." I hear a strange voice.

Wait.. No. Luke, baby don't drive right now.

Please don't leave me.

I wanna scream, I wanna fight, but instead all I do in make the heart monitor go up rapidly, bringing in like 5 nurses. Most being women, but the one in particular who was checking my vitals, had a familiar name badge.


Where have i heard that before?

Damn it!

I'm getting mad because I'm losing memory. I can't remember crap and it's pissing me off.

Luke's POV.

I'm still driving. I've been driving and driving and I'm going crazy. I want to kiss her. So bad. But the damn doctor wouldn't get outta the way.

Little shit.

Screw this.

Emily's POV

Is this what it's like to die? Do you feel this empty feeling like you're lifeless, or do you feel this tingling I'm feeling in my toes?

Am I gonna die?

I cant leave my family, or Ryen, or Luke.

I need to fight.


Sorry. I'm not in the greatest mood as of right now, so this update is short. I've been writing it for a couple weeks now. But I finished so I'll update more later.

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