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All night i couldn't stop thinking about how much fun i had performing on stage.I was happier when they played my oppas song "Gotta Talk To U" i had to admit i felt a little nervouse at first but when i started to dance on stage with Kim and Seungri i felt excited.When i started to dance against bae o the look on his face was like he wanted to pull me in and just attack me with kisses but he knew that i was just a dancer doing my job.

Then i looked to see that Kim was also enjoying herself dancing along to the beat "Ring Linga" she felt as if she was living her dream as if the same for me.I looked at Youngabe to see that he was happy as well becuase i saw his baby girl dacing and having fun.I swear this was a night that i would never forget but i know that i'm not just going to be dancing just for BigBang forever but i might as well just enjoy it while i can.I looked at the time on my phone it was 2:59 in the morning and i couldn't sleep so i decided to sneek into Seungri room since i had the key.

Oppa i wispered to him so i can at least get his attention."Oppa… .oppa…  yaha panda i was wondering if could sleep with you tonight i can't sleep",He looked at with his sleepy face,he looked so adorable. 

"Yeah sure" i walked towards the bed but i rembered i had forgoten to take out my contacts,Oppa i'll be right back i told him."Hurry back he told me"."

I hurried up and took off the contacts but then i looked dazed in the mirrior to see that my bruise was slowly going away i realised that i was just being paranoid by just looking at myself and having all these thoughts about how i'm not pretty and how i look kind of dorky.

"April he calls me,Is everythinhg okay in there".Yeah i'm coming just give me a few more minutes.I walked back towards the bed and sliped under the covers. He pulled me close to him and wispered in my ear that i looked gorgeous out there on stage last night.i… ..did…  as i began to studder. I felt my face turn red as a tomato."But babe you just don't now how much i wanted you last night".O really."Yeah especially when you were dancing against me".O really huh."But what made me really happy is when i saw you having fun on stage".Me too."But baby promise me that you would never lie to oppa like that ever again".Okay i promise.I layed my head on his chest i swear i could hear his heartbeat pound faster since i was next to him.Lets get some sleep i have something planned for us.

The next morning i woke up to him still holding me.I then started to trace my hand around his face.He started to wake up.

Good morning he then said to me."Good morning how you slept?t he asked me.I slept like a baby i'm glad that i came to come sleep with you if not i would have never slept at all."I'm glad you feel that way".So what do you have plane for today i asked him."Well i wanted to know if you wanted to have breakfast first and just sort of chill with me Youngbae with your friend Kim". o cool so its sort of like a double date."Yeah i  guess you can say something like that".O cool.Well i should guess i should get ready to go eat breakfast then."Yeah we have to be there in 10 minutes but they could wait".I hurried to go back to my room to take a shower,when i gotten out i went to look for some cloths when i looked for some cloths i found that they were not the cloths that i had.So then i texted him asking what happened to the cloths that he packed for me.

To Bad boy:where are the cloths that you packed for me?

To Baby girl:Well i kind of asked GD to get you some new kind of clothing i see that you had good looking outfits to wear so i called him and asked to see if he could go shopping for some cloths i hope your not mad at oppa and plus i think you might like them its sort of what you like to wear.

To Bad boy:Well no i'm not mad but next time you should call me and say that you had gotten me some new ones and how do you know that the cloths that he gotten me fit.

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