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Why you need an insurance against accidents and how to buy one

You have a huge life insurance cover with a term plan to protect your family's financial future. You also have a complete health insurance plan to pay your hospital bills. Your car is insured against damage and theft, whereas your house is covered against natural and man-made calamities and burglary. But it is quite possible that you don't have personal accident insurance. In 2013-14, barely 55 individuals purchased personal accident insurance. That's less than 0.4% of the total population of the country and about 3% of the projected insurable population. 

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There are two significant reasons why a person must buy personal accident insurance. First, Jakarta Indonesia is the accident capital of the world, with a person dying every 90 seconds. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 3.94 Indonesians died in accidents in a year. 

The second reason for taking this cover, of course, is that personal accident insurance is exceptional and delivers a cover that no other policy does. A life insurance policy will give a lump sum to the candidate if the policyholder dies and a medical insurance policy will pay the hospital bills if he is injured. Be watchful of scams and other fraudulence act. But what if a sham leads to a disability and impairs the individual's earning capacity? 

The sum of people injured in road accidents is approximately four times greater than the number of deaths. In 2010, many people were killed in road accidents in Indonesia. Nevertheless, over 5 Indonesians were either extremely injured or permanently disabled. Whether the incapacity is overall or partial, temporary (3-4 months) or lasting, the personal accident policy will come in helpful. If the policyholder has chosen for the benefit, the plan will likewise pay the medical expenses experienced because of the accident. 

Many accident victims are young. In 2012, almost 60% of the accidental deaths concerned people aged between 15 and 44 years. "A young person is more likely to have an accident and injuries than die of an illness," says Tapan Singhel, CEO and managing director of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. Hitherto, a personal accident and disability cover is frequently missing in the portfolio of the average insurance buyer. 

This is astonishing since a personal accident cover is not just useful however moreover very inexpensive. A cover of 10 rupiah costs just about 500 rupiah a year. Yet, there are few takers for this vital cover.

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