[Discontinued] Pokémon Movies by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[Discontinued] Pokémon Moviesby ☆❄️ - Lina -☀️☆
Xx Sequel to: - Luna Mew Light Journey Stories XxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx Luna and the gang adventures, meeting Legendary Pokémon's and Amazing New Places. Diff...
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Amour: Season 1 - A New Beginning by sparton3
Amour: Season 1 - A New Beginningby sparton3
Plot: Why doesn't he use his real name is a mystery and that's only 1 of the big secrets in this insane adventure of Ash Ketchum. He's moving to Kalos with his mum to fo...
  • kalos
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Eric Redding Alolan Adventures by thenextdooralien
Eric Redding Alolan Adventuresby The Space Nerd
xX BOOK 1: Eric Redding Region Adventure Series Xx Eric Redding is a young boy, who comes across an injured Rockruff. With the help of a mysterious girl, they save Rockr...
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Pokemon Rp- Welcome To The World Of Tolseo! by kittycallygaming
Pokemon Rp- Welcome To The World Kittycallygaming
Well welcome to the Tolseo region. Start your adventure, beat gym leader, catch Pokémon and become champion. In the Tolseo region every thing isn't always happy and peac...
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Autumn Breeze: Kanto Journey (Pokemon Fanfiction) by LauInoHoku
Autumn Breeze: Kanto Journey ( ✿ LeafStormStar ✿
Autumn Breeze has finally reached the age of the ten years. And as the rules of the League go, she's old enough to go on a Pokémon journey across her home region, Kanto...
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Pokemon Role-play by Diamondsparkle333
Pokemon Role-playby Ship Queen
So I saw a lot of Pokemon Role-play so I wanted to make one too. In the book you can be Pokemon either wild or caught. You can also be a trainer. As a Trainer you can ca...
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Pokémon Roleplay by TheFABULOUSbeings
Pokémon Roleplayby Eh
Y'all probably wanna be the very best there ever was. That's why you're probably here right? As the title says, this is a Pokémon Roleplay! I DO NOT OWN THE COVER ART...
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Havan Vacation by creathewriter
Havan Vacationby creathewriter
New region.
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Pokemon Short Stories by Zack_Zesprin
Pokemon Short Storiesby Zan Tan
A large(Hopefully) collection of short stories about pokemon
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Regioners |:| Original Story by Ashs8820007
Regioners |:| Original Storyby Son Of Zeus
Bombs dropped. Entire Cities obliterated into nothing. The Survivors came out after years in Hiding to find.. Nothing but Nature. These Humans rebuilt what they Had. The...
  • dystopian
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Roofing companies York region by DilmarGroup
Roofing companies York regionby Dilmar Group Ltd
Looking for roofing contractors in York region, Dilmar Group Ltd is toronto Premier Roofing Company. We provide roofing services for residential and commercial customers...
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Pokemon Adventures by Anonymous_odom
Pokemon Adventuresby Anonymous_odom
Meet Aaron. Aaron is a 12 year old boy who travels the world learning about Pokemon. Him and his trusty buddy, Buneary, will be competing in pokemon leagues and battles...
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Legacy : Rise of the Phoenix Heart by ItzFrisk1
Legacy : Rise of the Phoenix Heartby ItzFrisk
Two young men wake up at the forest as their first memory, who are they and where are they from? What adventure await them? What is the story behind them?
  • magic
  • elves
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