Chapter 12: Am I Forgetting something?

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Kara's P.O.V

Let's see what I have:

Form time

Period 1: History

Period 2: Math

Morning Tea

Period 3: English

Period 4: Art


Period 5: PE

-Hmm not bad.

"Miss Henderson??" Mr. Hutchins my new form teacher asks, a second after I step foot into class.

"Yup," I nod quietly since I don't want to garner even more attention from the class than I possibly already have.

"Well, this will be your from class for the remained of the year, so introduce yourself please," he says while looking down at a paper that was on his desk.

Mentally groaning, I turn around to face the class that already had their attention directed my way.

"My name is Kara and I just moved here. Please don't come for me when I haven't called for you, other than that, we should be fine." I mutter bored but I can see the interested gleam in some of my new classmates eyes that are letting me know that those are the students that will be testing my patience. As my gaze from one face to another it stops at one who I recognise well.

He looks well...

"You can sit next to Mr. Michael's,"

Guess I'm going to be meeting Chad a lot faster that I planned...

Chad's P.O.V

"My name is Kara and I just moved here. Please don't come for me when I haven't called for you, other than that, we should be fine." The new girl Kara says. As I stare at her in person for the first time I can't help but have this feeling that I know her. It may be because I was just staring at her picture but there just little feeling that I know her...shes reminding me of Krazy the Black Rose Gang leader. Not much people know this but Krazy helped my mother and I a few years back, get away from my dad who was beating my mum and I really badly. She sent us to Harry with a smile and money that she had hid in my bag with my laptop bag and something a little extra. Harry funnily enough married my mum and he treats her the way she wasn't meant to be treated.


"Chad you and your mother are going to be leaving as soon as we finish talking, so I need you to pack what you can't leave behind..." I hear Krazy say as she sits down next to me. I look up at her scared and afraid since I didn't want to involve her in this mess with my father since he's got some type of connections that could get her hurt.

Looking straight into her eyes I can tell that she wasn't telling me something and I needed to know. "What aren't you telling me Krazy?"

Something flashes through her face before its gone, a smile now decorating her face "It nothing that you'll need to worry about C, oh and I want you to have this," she hands me a bag full of snacks from the road and a map and an adress "Stay safe and call if anything comes up," she say before turning around to walk away.

"Krazy wait!" I run to her as she stops to look at me with confusion. I quickly grab her hand to put the bracelet that I've always worn around my wrist in the palm of her hand. "Here, it's a family heirloom and I want you to have it. Until we see each other again, K." I say as I watch her nod her head slightly before disappearing into the cold night.

Flashback over:

When I walked out of the house a few minutes later, no one was outside where we could see them. What was outside however was a car with a note attached to the window wiper saying 'Its yours now little brother look after it. Krazy.'

The car was my ultimate dream car and I had seen it in her drive way a few months ago which I nearly shit my self over how excited I was to see it in person, drive it even. It was a pitch black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

I'm brought back from my memory by the sound of a chair being pulled back on my left and as I look up I'm greeted with a small smile on Kara's face.

"The names Chad," I say as I stick my hand out for her to shake which she shakes.

"As you already know I'm Kara, I've missed you." she smiles as her words catch me off guard. I look at her in confusion before something on her wrist catches my attention.

- Oh shit...

I look at her with wide eyes just as the bell rings and everyone rushes around us, trying to get to their first class. Its noisy yet I can hear Kara clearly when she mutters "It's good to see you again little brother."

Kara's P.O.V

"Good to see you again little brother." I say once I knew that he had caught sight of his bracelet since Chad was far from stupid with his wiz kid brain. Also I couldn't keep it a secret once Harry found out that I was in town but I haven't been to see him and Aunt Lily (Chad's mum) yet. They don't know about Leon and I didn't want to tell them over the phone since they would have been with my from the start, which I couldn't have them do...

I walk away from him quickly once I spot Reed and Trace walk towards us.


I'm currently sitting at a table by myself since Jess and Jessie went out to have lunch while the other Miller brothers were with their crews. Hopefully they don't see me sitting alone since they would obviously come and sit with me bringing their friends and too much noise. Jess and Jessie's friends were okay. Well the boys were but the girls not so much. It must be because they're younger than I am...

"Hey, can I take a seat?" Someone asks from in front of me and when I look up, its to see Chad a smile on his face.

"Of course little brother." I nod amused that he had to ask, but that was Chad for you.

"I know about Leon." He says looking at his foods and not at me.

"I figured you would have, your a computer wiz." I shrug while eating my apple.

"I didn't know that it was you until I saw the bracelet, you still wear it?" He asks now looking at me in the eyes,

"I never take it off. Have you told Reed yet?" I ask as I look around the cafeteria, wondering if Reed and his crew were around and they weren't, as I look back at him its just in time to see him shake his head.

"Good, I don't want them to know just yet." its quiet before I speak again "How's aunty and uncle??"

He smiles "They're really good. Still lovey dovey which makes me sick to the core but I'm happy for them because they are happy. Mum keeps on worrying about you, while dad has been saying that  he was going to head out your ways to check up on you guys because he hadn't heard from you lot in a long time. Since that last meeting that we had a couple of months back," he says before digging into his burger while I look down at the table,

Before he can say anything, Kale comes running in a worried look placed on his face. I watch silently once spots Reed who had just come in. He runs over and whispers something that makes him look angrier than I have ever seen him. Chad and I stand and follow them once they get up and rush out the door.

- They are acting like someone unwanted is here...Oh shit.

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