Chapter 16

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Im sorry but this is bad ,,, very bad I have writers block bad.... so the story is bad .... sorry ,,,



Chapter 16;

Kara's P.O.V

Rita's house

When I get out of Dawn, everyone surrounds me "Okay, I'm going to go inside alone and I'm going to tell her about Rosie, and if she take's the news badly then I guess I'm heading back with you guys because I'm not leaving Rosie again if I can help it," they all nod but Mike shouts something.

"Yeah, just make sure you talk to Rita and not one of the Miller boys, we don't want a repeat of what happened at Harry's, I think the Stingers leader would be a bit pissed." Mike shout's amused; I shoot him the bird not turning around to see his expression. I open the door and call out to Rita.

"Rita??" I shout she comes into the hall from the direction of the Kitchen.

"Rita?? I need to tell you something." She slowly looks at my face; her smile slowly fades to a frown, eyes worried. She pushes me into the living room; slowly she sits down next to me, taking my hand into her.

"Okay, darling, tell me what's wrong."

I breath out a sigh "Before I came here I left someone that I can't live without and I would love if they came and lived with us, if you would be alright with it, if you don't like them being here then I will be going back to live with the gang, I don't want to leave, but they're more important to me than my own life."

She smiles "Well bring him in."

I choke "It's not a he."

She frowns again "A she?" her frown turns into a knowing look.

I shake my head "No, I don't go that way! I like guys and only guys, I don't mind them but I'm not one," I rush out; she looks more confused than ever.

I get up and walk to the door "Wait and then you'll know what I mean." I go outside, straight to my gang.

"How'd she take the news?" Tazzy asks getting off from leaning on Dawn.

"She doesn't know yet, I'm going to show her Rosie then I'll come back and tell you if I'm coming back or staying." They all nod. I open the door to see Elliot and Rosie sleeping peacefully.

"Mummy?" she whispers as I pick her up and head toward the Rita who had come out as I went to get her.

"Hey baby, you're going to meet mummy's second mummy so you grandma." I whisper into her ear. She nods, opening her eye's slowly, she blinks a few times then put her head in the crook of my neck sighing.

"Rosie missed you mummy, don't leave Rosie again," she breathes out, it's muffled by my hair but I hear her clearly, I blink my tears away. I look at Rita; she has an unreadable look on her face. I smile sadly.

-She's already decided Frank. I'm going back with the gang.

-I'm sorry.

"I want you to meet Rosie, my daughter."


Rita's eye go wide with shock, her hand automatically goes in front of her mouth. Rosie pulls back so Rita can see her, Rosie smiles shyly.

"Hewwo Gwanmama!!! I'm Rosie!!" Rosie says happily. Rita doesn't say anything but I can see her eyes are filled with tears, happy or sad I don't know but what I know is I'm happy that Derek just walked into the hallway.

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