Chapter 18 ; I'm coming for you .

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"MUM!" I shout running up the stairs to look from my mother.

"Reed, she's over here in the kitchen!" I hear from downstairs. I run back down and into the kitchen to see my mother holding a cup of tea close to her. When she sees me she gets up and hugs me to her.

"Where's Kara?" I whisper since when I called out she would have answered.

"She left..." she sobs into my shirt.

Before I can ask why I hear a cry coming from upstairs and footsteps coming down;

Tara comes down a worried look on her face.

"They've taken the kids and Krazy's gone to get them back."

Chapter 18;

3 hours since Kara Left.

Kara's P.O.V

I'm speeding down the high way. I pass cars in a blur, not really noticing anything not even the signs; the trees are a blur also... not that I can even see them. It's still dark. The high way pretty much clear, no police cars around but I'm going to fast to notice if there were but I'm pretty sure they would have pulled me over by now if they had been around. I'm surprised I haven't crashed yet.


My phone rings. I answer it. Not caring who it was.

"Talk," I say while swerving to the right quickly, before nearly getting hit by a driver. I speed up not even caring about the near death experience I nearly had just a second ago. My thoughts were only on getting the kids back safe and sound.

"What the heck are you thinking? Going and getting the children back ALONE?!" Tazzy's voice yells from the other side of the phone.

I roll my eyes even though he can't see it.

"What? It was my duty...I have to get the kids back." I say holding back the 'Duh' at the end.

"But you had to do it ALONE?" Harry voice shouts out. They must have me on speaker phone.

This will be hard...I think.

"Yeah...It's a mission best done alone." I say while speeding off the high way and into the now familiar street. I can see the City Lights up ahead.

I'm nearly there. Rosie, Benji, Elliot wait for me, I'm coming.

"You and I both know that's bull! It's a mission here numbers are good! Are you planning to die?!" Harry carries on ranting. I hear others voices agreeing. EVERYONE must be their. Great, not sarcasm;

"No I don't plan on dying, but if I do then at least I know that you guys are safe and if I do die then I'll wait to die after helping the kids come back to you guys." I stop suddenly making my bike lift off the road and skid to the right side with me sliding down the left. I curse but get up, shaking it off. I'm not hurt badly I don't go straight to my bike but look the road block in front of me.

"Guess I'll have to get out of this." I mumble, slowly getting comfortable.

"Kara? KARA? KARA?!!" I hear my name called by a lot of different people.

"I'm alright, just got into a little accident." I say taking off my helmet and heavy leather Jacket.

Questions are flung at me ever second.

"BE QUIET!" Harry yells, everything's silent on their end "Are you okay?" Harry asks now talking to me.

"I have to go, I love you Uncle Red and I love you guys. Um Reed, if you are there. Please go and look at your bike." I hang up before anyone can say anything, but not before shot are fired.

"Oh man." I whine not before ducking for cover.

Reed's P.O.V

I just look at everyone around the table. Faces are pale, eyes are red and sobs are breaking out. I jump out of my seat, running towards the garage that my bike was parked at. I stop in front of my bike to see a box neatly wrapped in wrapping paper. I pick it up gently, as if it will brake in my hands. I rip into the package to see a Black Rose pendant. A note was stuffed under the Pendant. I open it to see Kara's writing.


You already know what the pendant means and if you don't it means that you are now the leader of the Black Rose Gang. Tell Tazzy and Tara to be happy as well as the others. I have set up some money for the gang and for Rosie. If I don't come back, please look after her for me, don't let her forget me if I don't come back. Tell the gang it's time to move home and this is a good place for a new start.

Reed, I know it's a bit too late and a lot too early to say this...but I Love you. I have ever since you took me out to dinner at the park that night.

Love you,


The Black Rose Gang

I wipe the tears away while hopping on my bike. As I start it, the Black Rose Gang and my gang run out of the house.

"Where are you going?" Mum asks coming out of the house, shaking a bit. Jessie and Jess came back from their date a few minutes ago. Jess was comforting Mum while Jessie went around the house looking to see if there was anything saveable. I look into her eyes. We stare at each other for a while. She lets out a small smile, teary eyed.

"Bring her back to me, Bring all of them back home." She says nodding.

"We're coming." Tazzy says. Both gangs nod along with each other.

"Fine but the girls are staying." I say.

"NO! I'm not staying! Krazy saved my life and I'm not staying here or I'll just make my own way to her." Shawty hisses.

"I'm going to! Krazy's my little sister and I'm not going to sit down and wait for you to come back with or without her!" Nita yells, trying to step closer to me but is held back by Matt and Tazzy.

"You can't stop me...She's my best friend, my sister, my non-related twin, I don't care if I get hurt but if you don't let me come with you and something happens to Krazy I'll go on a hunting spree and that will be bad." She says normally but you can hear the threat in her voice.

"Judy, Mandy and Kelsey will stay then, with Chase and Oscar." They nod grudgingly, after arguing with me.

I look back at Mum, answering her command.

"I will mum, I will." I say driving out of the garage. I look behind me to see both gangs rushing towards the cars following after me.


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