Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 :

dont know where this is going so I dont know if you will like it . but here you go !


Oscar's P.O.V

After the group came in I saw a girl with a guys arm around her. As I looked closer to the girl I saw that she looked a bit like me... almost like my little sister Kasey. When the girl briefly looked my way I stumble backwards because her eyes...they were so different from most yet I recognized them like I had just seen them yesterday not 8 years ago.

When I had stumbled backwards I had bumped into Trace;

"Dude you okay?" he asks looking away from a girl that had come up to him.

"My sister...she's here..." I whisper


Oscar's P.O.V

"What? Dude where??!" Trace asks looking around.

"At the front door," I say getting over my shock.

Trace looks at the front door. He turns to me with wide eyes.

"Don't go psycho, but she's in the Black Rose gang, you need to go to Reed and tell him what you just told me! Then go to the Library! And we'll wait there for you." Trace shouts over the loud music, ignoring

the girl.

He pushes me away from the door and my sister. I go before I do something to that dudes arm.

Kasey's P.O.V

"This is so cool." I say looking around.

"Yeah it's normal. But remember don't drink anything that's not a soda can and open and if there are any guys that try to get to you even after you say no, kick him where the sun don't shine." Tazzy says with his hand still around my shoulders.

I look around and see these two guys looking my way. The guy in front was pale even though he was tan he looked like he just saw a ghost. As he looked at me he reminded me of someone but I couldn't place it. I looked away trying not to be rude and stare.

Kara's P.O.V

Trace, Reeds second in command comes up to me a serious face on. I groan knowing something's up.

"What's wrong?" I ask standing straighter and getting TJ's attention after he was dancing with a random girl.

"We need to talk to you, who do you want with you?" He whispers into my ear.

"Leave them they need to have some fun. But wait I need to tell one of them I'll be gone for a few minutes. I turn to and walk towards TJ; the girl see's me coming and quickly moves onto a different guy.

"I'm going with the second in command, he needs to sort something out, and so I'll only be a few minutes." I whisper, after I finish I follow Trace.

A Library?

"Why are we in a library?" I ask

"We're waiting for Reed and one other member." We don't wait long since they come in a few seconds after. Reed comes in with the Kasey look alike, but the guy version.

"Reed what do you want?" I ask eyeing the newbie.

"Oliver here seems to be related to one of your members." I look at him and then at 'Oliver'.

I start swear swearing under my breath.

"Are you by any chance Oliver Mason?" he nods "Then I need to speak to your dad as well so if he wants to com out of his secret hiding place now it would be nice."

New family + New state + Gang leader ME = Deep S*!#Where stories live. Discover now