Chapter 21 : the last fight between the two rivals

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Daniel’s P.O.V

This is bad. This is very bad. I look at the kids and Kara. Kara is nice no matter what dad said, no matter what Emily tried to engrain into my brain. I look back to the kids and make my mind up. I’m going to keep these kids safe no matter what. I don’t want these kids seeing things like I did at their age. I touch my hidden ear piece and listen into the meeting room. I had installed some hidden technology in every used room of this building.

“We’re going to kill her in 24 hours,” Dad says into a silent room.

Bang! “Why not sooner? Why not now or in an hour’s time??” Emily hisses. I can picture her standing up, fists on the table, her eyes blazing angrily and crazily.

“No. In twenty-four hours. No more and no less, if she dies earlier there will be repercussions. Even though I love you like a daughter and I hate her with a passion I have something planned just for Miss Krazy Kara the leader of the Black Rose gang.”  I click the off button of the ear piece and immediately look at a sleeping Kara.  I rush to her side and shake her until I see her eyes flicker open.

Kara’s P.O.V

I look at the face that’s looming in front of me with serious and worried eyes. I open my mouth to speak but cant since my mouths dry.

“What’s up?” I croak out painfully. Daniel goes to get me a glass of water but I grab his hand before he can stand up fully “No, don’t, tell me what wrong I can see it in your face.” Daniel looks at me before nodding his head and sitting down with a sigh.

“We have to leave immediately, Dad plans on killing you in twenty-four hours and he said that he has something specially planned for you and knowing him like I do it’s bad, very bad.” And in that moment a red light flashes all over the room. I get up normally hiding the pain from Daniel and the now awake kids. Rosie runs towards me with Benji and Elliot following them.

“Mummy, I scared,” Rosie says hiding her head into my hair. I put my hand on her hair, trying to soothe her shaking.

“Benji, Elliot, are you okay?” I ask softly.  They nod but huddle close to me. I look at Daniel “What does the light’s mean?” I ask trying to soothe the kids, since I can feel their shaking bodies.

“It’s the warning bell. It means someone’s here, that someone has broken into the building.”

Cas’s P.O.V

“Split!” I shout to fang as we race down the hallway. We just turned the warning light to alert the gang that we were here.  It’s a part of our plan. We’ve already taken down most of the gang members and now we’re just flushing out the members that we’re hard to get.

Kara’s P.O.V

“We have to go, now.” I say standing up, I stagger but catch myself in time. I look up to see that Daniel was looking out the door, thankfully he didn’t see or else he would try and carry me out of here. Daniel turns to me and nods,

“Yea I agree,” he says

“Good thing you agree because you’re taking the kids with you and I will follow you, if I’m not behind you don’t stop and wait for me, keep going until you get out of this place and somewhere safe, then contact my gang or Henry, I’ve given you the numbers already to phone so I want you to go, now.” I say as I kiss and hug Benji, Rosie and Elliot good-bye.

“Mummy, I want to stay with you,” Rosie whispers clinging to me, I hold back the tears threatening to slip down.

“No you can’t stay with me, you go with Daniel and be a good girl, go with him because Reed will be their waiting for you and uncle Tazzy, go,” I whisper as I push Rosie towards Daniel.

“Be safe,” I whisper to their retreating backs

I run towards the door, ignoring the stabbing pain.

“Where are you going Kara?” Emily’s sickly sweet voice asks blocking my way out of the door. I stop and smile. Finally I can fight back without holding back.

“Nowhere Emily I’m staying here with you, I think it’s time we sort some things out once and for all.” And that’s when the fight started.


We circle each other once we split from the fists we aimed at each other’s face and body. Emily looks at with loathing and crazy eyes.

“I hated you so much when we meet each other. You tried to steal everything from me, my boyfriend my family even my popularity. I told everyone you we’re bad news, that you would just stab us in the back and run off leaving us with nothing. And I was right, except you didn’t stab everyone in the back just me, did you want to be me so badly that you had to ruin my image in front of everyone I loved?” Emily hisses angrily.

“I never ever wanted to take what was yours, truth be told I hardly noticed you, I hardly even knew you existed because I had other more important things to think about, the world doesn’t revolve around you, everyone doesn’t want to be like you, or wants to wear the same clothes you  wear! The world doesn’t revolve around you, Emily!” I scream as my frustration and anger. She really is delusional if she thinks I would try to be like her even when I have a loving family who I wouldn’t change for the world.

“You lie and I’m not surprised that you are since you’re just a home wrecking bitch, but who cares since when you’re dead everything will go back to the way it was before you entered our lives. Reed and I are going to get married have children while you’re here alone, burnt to death because you tried to kill me, I can see the headlines now. Girl kidnapped by a horrible gang to survive only as a fire starts out,” I do a roundhouse kick to her head, my foot connects with her head and I watch as she goes down. She touches her head softly before whipping around to snarl at me. I talk before she can.

“Stop talking since all that’s coming out of your mouth is lies, you psycho bitch,” Then we start fighting fully.


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