Chapter 14: Past's and Introductions

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"Mummy!" She squeals as I squeeze her to my chest, her body moulding herself to my own, as she hugs me back as tight as she can.

Chapter 14:

"I've got explain to do don't I?" I say out loud as I scan Reed's blank face and Chads surprised one as he nods with his mouth wide open in shock. I try to hide my smile as I look away from his funny expression.

-It definitely is not the time to be smiling Kara...

"You have a kid?" A deep husky voice asks me softly as I look straight into his eye that are holding a lot of emotions in right now.

"Yup, do you have a problem with that by any chance?" I ask with a deadly voice as I blank out everything that I was feeling at this very moment.

"Nope but does Mum know??" he asks nonchalantly. I flinch a bit but shake my head.

Reeds P.O.V

I watch silently as Kara puts the little girl on her hip as she turns towards a silent Tazzy.

"Reed is one of Rita's kids? You live under with another gang leader?" He whisper's surprised since no one outside of my gang knew of my home life. Mind you no one knew about each others personal life other than the gang you were in as many considered your gang life as a different part of your normal life, if you can understand what I'm trying to say...

"Wait, what do you mean another gang leader Taz?" I ask as I watch Tazzy and Kara freeze slightly before turning towards me with blank unreadable stares...

"He doesn't know you idiot!!!" Yep, she's hiding something,

-why do I feel hurt??

"Kara, what are you hiding??" I ask in my gang leader voice she turns around and snarls

"I'm not in you're gang Reed, so do not order me around like I am," the Black rose gang moves so they're behind her in an intimidating stance, lucky my gang aren't that easily intimidated, my gang has grown since I last talked to Krazy, theirs more boys, no girls, I haven't let them in since Emily.

"You're in my territory, so you have to answer me or else their will be trouble,"

"Who the FU*CK cares if I'm on you're territory, if you want a fight, you'll have one, I've been on you're territory for a long time and now you want to question me about it?? Do not piss me off Reed, or so help me." She spits through clenched teeth, before we can start fighting Chad jumps in.

"Not here, if you start a fight now, people will probably get involved, and you need to fight the leader," Chad says "Plus Dad's going to be pissed that you've both made a scene with people that's not involved in this," I nod stiffly, Kara does the same,

"Your Mum knows," Kara says, a little of her rage gone, but not all of it

"About what," I asked confused

"About me being in a gang you dolt," she says putting Rosie down so she can run around our legs,

My eyes widen "WHAT??"

She shakes her head, "SHE KNOWS THAT I'M IN A GANG!!" She stops, and then carries on as an after thought "Actually she knows nearly EVERYTHING about the gang and she knows EVERYONE, well not everyone." As she says 'everyone' she looks at Rosie, who's now picking flowers from the ground,

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