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Please know that for the duration of the awards, it is a must to be following this account ( afragileheartforever) and your judges. It will be checked. If you are not doing so, please do so immediately. If you are found not following the required people then you will be kindly asked to do so by me or the judge. ( JUDGES: If you can, please check for the 10 participants you are judging for. It would help a ton but not required <3) If you still don't, your book will automatically be disqualified. No point deduction but DISQUALIFIED.

Disqualified? Isn't that too extreme you ask?

No, not at all. All these judges are spending their time to give you constructive reviews, amidst the millions of other responsibilities they have. I have chosen judges who are here to give you points to help you and the least you could do is follow them for this. I do sincerely suggest becoming friends with all the judges because they are excellent reviewers and they can sincerely help you if you require and they are awesome to go to advice for. I know most of them and others I don't, please be friends with me too XD.

Anyway judges list ( any changes, will be updated)

Action/Adventure : Shellz2308

Chicklit : JadedElegance

Fanfiction : NDeMeer

Fantasy : Meisalwayshungry

General Fiction : NDeMeer

Graphics: queen_of_sass

Historical Fiction : Burning-Passion

Horror/Paranormal : JadedElegance

Humor : R_Dreamer

Mystery/Thriller: ccallis0246

One Shots/One Shot Books : R_Dreamer 

Poetry: greydaygirl

Romance : Amphia234

Science Fiction : StephRose1201

Short story: justafangirlteen

Teen Fiction: hgjluvkwrld

Vampire/Werewolf : ccallis0246


(Please know for the special category ones I ( queen_of_sass) am judging, it is not a requisite to follow me as I am doing it for fun and they are small genres which I feel, doesn't merit a follow. You can if you want. But not compulsory. Please follow the other 2 judges though :)

Best Female Protagonist :queen_of_sass

Best Male Protagonist: queen_of_sass

Best Antagonist: queen_of_sass

Best Title : queen_of_sass

Best Cover: R_Dreamer

Best Trailer :queen_of_sass

Best Blurb: queen_of_sass

Most Original: 

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