vampire/werewolf finalists

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A HUGE thank you to ccallis0246 for judging this category ❤ Everyone go give her some much-deserved love and appreciation! She stepped up when the judge had to be switched last minute and still managed to provide astounding, helpful reviews in a short span of time. What an angel <3

If you didn't make it to the top 5, you may PM me for your scores. The finalists and winners' reviews will be posted in a separate book once the winner results come out.

Without further ado, the finalists of the vampire/werewolf  genre ( in no particular order) are:

JadedElegance- Immortally Beloved 

AmyMarieZ-Beneath the Vaults


Book_Monster_Rawr- Unleashed

tigerjourney77-The Blood Flame Version 2.0

Congrats to all finalists and great job on making it this far! <333

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