special category winners: part 1

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This is the moment you've all ( or at least some XD) of you have been waiting for! In this part-best cover, best trailer, best blurb and best title will be revealed, along with the winner's short and sweet review(which will also be collectively posted on the separate review book). All non-winners can claim their reviews via pm. I promise you they are as extensive as they come and can help you and your story!


Best Cover: R_Dreamer (Please go shower her with some love <3)

Best Trailer, Best Title, Best Blurb: queen_of_sass

Without further ado, the winners are.....


Kiahni_C- The Black Taint

Score: 10/10

The cover is attractive. It leaves me wanting to open the book. It doesn't tell me a lot about the book, giving an aura of mystery to it, which is why I am intrigued. The red text against the black and white cover makes the title easily stands out. The color scheme is simple, just three colors. There's not much going on in the cover which is why I think it's a great fit. The cover is attractive and I definitely want to pick up the book.


SongOfLightAndShadow- Hide and Go Seek

Score: 5/5

OOH, damn girl, this was GOOD. I loved it. The text was simple and clean, the clips beautifully meshed together and HD quality clips too. The text was inserted at perfect times and the sped up countdown in the end....it gave me goosebumps. I love how the antagonist is mysterious but alluding to death is certain. All the clips of the characters running make perfect sense with the title and story in general. The clips of the characters and fear. Consoling each other-- very apt. And the music, wow. It was apt and goosebump-inducing--in a good way. Very appropriate and very fitting for the genre. Good clean grammar as well, and everything looks so polished and professional. And the 'ready or not, here I come' at the end. I could almost hear a creepy voice say it. You have managed to create an excellent, tension built atmosphere in this short video. OOF. I absolutely love!


Anime_Kitty- Paint Me A Murder

Score: 5/5

This title is quite clever. The MC is an artist himself and based on the story's premise, gets caught up in a murder. The title just rolls off the tongue and has a quite creepy undertone to it--when I first saw it, my mind jumped to blood and how often walls are 'painted' with it when a murder occurs. Very eye-catching and interesting, and definitely unique and original. Something about it just chills my bones--in a good way. Love it!


rhythmchyc- Perchance to Dream

Score: 4/5

Overall a strong blurb so I am going to nitpick a bit. It gives us a basic idea of the storyline, possible conflicts ( with the scheming conflicts and her knowing ONLY the love interests' name) and an introduction to the characters. However, the first sentence however BEAUTIFUL it is seems a tad repetitive of the second paragraph about Nicholas. You mention he stirs something(or close to those lines) in her 3 times in the whole blurb. I personally think the line 'He intoxicates, inspires, and confounds her all at once' is unnecessary. The following line 'illuminating private encounter....' suffices. Perhaps you could combine both ideas and say 'An illuminating yet intoxicating encounter...

In addition, anyone could have a career in journalism. Perhaps having 'successful' before 'journalism' can give us a slight insight into her character there itself--that she is willing to work towards the best achievable thing. I am also confused about how journalism and theatre directly relate to one another. I suggest expanding on that a bit.

This sentence 'Unlike the internship, though, Katherine will get him... by ANY means necessary.', intended to be dramatic with the ellipses and use of 'though' ( which is sometimes used to hint at conflict or cause/consequence or some alternative path), I feel like it could just be written as- 'But unlike the internship, Katherine will get him by ANY means necessary.'

The reference 'paragon of all animals' went over my head the first time and then I searched it up. Clever insert of Shakespeare in the blurb ( Hamlet + a quote from it) and the title. I found that impressive. Truth be told, I really liked the blurb--but it has space for improvement ;) 4/5

Congrats to all winners <3 Awesome job :D

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