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Please note that if you sign up, you must be willing to commit. Before I accept you, I will ask you to review a chapter of some book and if you pass the vetting, you will be accepted. It's very simple and just to test how you present your suggestions :)

I expect detailed reviews (criteria will be given) from my judges. I also expect punctuality and commitment, so PLEASE don't sign up, just to drop out.



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[ If you want to judge special categories ONLY, it is the same form, just substitute genre preferences with special category preferences.]

At the maximum, you can judge one special category and one genre @all judges

Genres available to judge

❌ = not available.

Everything else is open :)





General Fiction ❌ ( unconfirmed)


Historical Fiction


Humor❌ ( based on entries)


One Shots/One Shot Books

Poetry❌ (unconfirmed, on vetting)


Science Fiction

Short Story

Teen Fiction

Vampire/Werewolf  ❌ (unconfirmed, on vetting)

Special Categories

Best Female Protagonist ❌

Best Male Protagonist ❌

Best Antagonist ❌

Best Blurb❌

Best Title❌

Best Cover❌

Best Trailer ❌

Most Original

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