special category winners: part 2

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Hello! This is the moment you've all ( or at least some XD) of you have been waiting for! In this part-best antagonist, best male protagonist, best female protagonist and most original will be revealed, along with the winner's short and sweet review(which will also be collectively posted on the separate review book). All non-winners can claim their reviews via pm. I promise you they are as extensive as they come and can help you and your story!


Most Original: NDeMeer [ she, an absolute angel, stepped up in the last minute to help, so a HUGE thank you to her. Shower with some much- deserved love <3]

Best antagonist/ best male protagonist/ best female protagonist : queen_of_sass

A NOTE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS FROM queen_of_sass: I am a very nitpicky judge so please do not get offended if any of my OPINIONS offend you, your character or your story, or the scores are poor. I have very high standards when it comes to judging and it takes a lot for me to be impressed. These are my thoughts/opinions that hopefully can be useful to you in some way and provide you with a fresh perspective.

Without further ado, the winners are.....


Thoronris- Tom Riddle in Remorse I

( Side Note: It has been years since I read Harry Potter. I don't remember Tom Riddle at all, hence I will be judging this character as an original character borne out of your writing style and the way you have represented him in this story. )

( mature topics have been addressed in this review)

So, right off the bat, he is slightly misogynistic--thinking that anyone, especially a woman couldn't possibly equal him in power. I also like how he tries to manipulate the reader into thinking Hermione is the villain by portraying her in a bad light in his thoughts, when it may not be the case. It plays on the readers' emotions they become conflicted on whose side to choose--who really is the troublemaker amongst the pair? Whose POV should we believe? Well done!

It is then continued to show how people ridiculed him, but he believed him to be wrong in doing so, because he deserved to be worshipped. Very narcissistic and egotistical indeed, believing he ranked higher than other people and people had to treat him like a god. That comment 'work with fear' also hints that he likes to use people emotions against them and that is manipulative and sly. Hermione's perspective of him also shows us how she and possibly others perceive him and we are now on the other character's POV, viewing the villain with a different pair of eyes--and he is not looking good.

And then he uses his physical strength to manipulate her-- and that's the last straw for him--in a good way. You are really making the reader feel and your descriptions are magnificent. We see both him the aggravator and Hermione the victim and their sharp contrast and readers quickly see who is the bad one. Tom plays on the hate card in every reader's heart in a good way. And the fact he gets sexually aroused as a result of her pain and fear? Ugh, what a monster. He makes people bend to his will be exploiting their weakness. All of these characteristics make him a very 3D character. We also see his flaws--like how he lets people get under his skin, his pride, vanity and ego and how sex/masturbation toys with his thoughts--in a way it can be perceived as his weakness too.

The entire masturbation scene was sickening in a good way and we got to see the cruel, twisted, sadistic side of him. It disgusted me--but that's good. You want the reader to hate him. But it was the end I think really showed his true nature--how he pretends to be good, care for her almost, but the entire undertone of that conversation being VERY creepy and horrific. That placation and that careful conversation dancing and knowing he has the upper hand. Awesome. I love reading about him--not decided if that is good or bad XD, but he was very well crafted. 5/5

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