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Hello! Without these AWESOME judges, nothing would have been possible. Please give them a HUGE round of applause for all of these awesome people pulling through and giving spectacular reviews for these awards and investing their time to judge your books. I am eternally grateful to them for making this award so awesome and run smoothly :) Thank you, guys ❤❤

These people are not only awesome reviewers very great authors as well so make sure to check out their fabulous books ❤

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Judge of: Chicklit & Horror/Paranormal

Author: JadedElegance

Book 1: Immortally Beloved

Genre: Vampire/Paranormal

Summary: Born into the lap of luxury and a time of turmoil, Duchesse Eleonore Vigneron experiences her coming of age in the Court of Louis XVI . Embroiled in the chaos that surrounds Versailles, Eleni uses her unique blend of wit, charm, and beauty to ensure her survival. Proud and elegant even in the face of death, she escapes the guillotine only to become a powerful immortal with abilities she herself does not yet understand. The former glory of Versailles becomes both her greatest tragedy and the birth of a triumphant future.

Nearly 250 years later, Eleni is a wealthy and alluring immortal who finds solace in her own power, but can never forget the past In mourning for her 15th mate, she seeks refuge from scandal in a small town on the Louisiana bayou. With a constant population of 8,999 souls and rumoured to be a haunted town able to disappear, Aubrey Parish is a place of rebirth and second chances. Eleni learns to rebuild her life in a world where everyone and everything carries its own secrets, existing together under the veil of two powerful delusions: magic is a parlour trick, and everyone is human.In a world of dark fantasy and elegantly woven webs of deception, the truth may be the most powerful enemy. The question is, when will it be unearthed, and what price will Eleni pay?

 The question is, when will it be unearthed, and what price will Eleni pay?

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Book 2: Portrait of Evienne

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance


Sixteen-year-old Evienne de Roussel has dreamed of one thing since she was a little girl. More than anything, she wants to be a part of the glittering court of Versailles, flirt, dance, and wear beautiful clothing like her idol, Madame Pompadour.

Time goes on, and on the day of her sixteenth birthday, Evienne learns something shocking about herself that will change her life forever. When family shame and tragedy bring her a new name, a new husband, and a place in Versailles, she quickly learns every dream has a dark side.

Evienne meets Pierre de Ailiot, a widower with piercing blue eyes, a dimpled smile, and the most macabre job at Court. Monsieur de Ailiot paints those who are condemned to die, finding beauty and humanity in their final moments. He tries to mitigate the difficulties of his work and his broken heart with his other passion: painting beautiful women. When the two are swept together during the tumultuous demise of one of history's most opulent eras, intrigue and scandal make them both legendary--and works of art some wish to see destroyed.

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