chicklit finalists

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Thank you to JadedElegance for judging this category ❤ Please everyone go give her some love and appreciation because she did a spectacular job!( like the reviews made my eyes pop out XD)

If you didn't make it to the top 5, you may PM me for your scores. The finalists' and winners' reviews will be posted in a separate book once the winner results come out.

Without further ado, the finalists of the chick-lit genre ( in no particular order) are:

RhythymChyc- Perchance To Dream

Jazzy1983 -Wandering With You

Aerospaxe -Finding Love In March

AJ_Mardlin - Loving Lola

voyageavecmoi - More To Life

Congrats to all finalists and a great job on making it this far! <333

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