Chapter 13: Locked And Loaded

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A wide smile twisted itself onto her reddened face as she, energetic as can be, threw herself onto the two seater sofa in the corner of her room. Her top teeth were clamped down tightly onto her bottom lip as her knee bounced in pure, seething anticipation for the show she'd been waiting what felt like a lifetime for.

"Be a babe and hurry up, will you! Come on! It's about to begin!" she called, her voice growing higher and more excited as each word pierced the dense air like daggers.

The door opened and the latter entered swiftly yet calmly. "Hold on, I'm coming. There's really no need to shout." he responded quietly though just as excited as his companion, carrying an unnecessarily large bag of caramel popcorn in his arms.

As he sat himself down beside her he noticed that familiar feral gleam in her eyes as they were glued in place on the screen where the countdown had officially begun. "It's almost time..." she whispered to herself, voice wavering. "The notification said this is the final showdown. They might execute everyone all because of Aiko."

"You... Don't like Aiko?" he asked, perplexed, sure that the girl did indeed like the clumsy troublemaker. He wouldn't have gotten a fact like that mixed up, surely!

She cocked her head in his direction. "It's not that at all, sweetie. I just don't like it when they live." And with that, her manic smile grew even wider.

He shifted closer to her and rested his arm behind her on the back of their sofa. "Oh? I know you don't. You only truly like her - the Queen of danganronpa itself."

The timer hit zero and the girl's face lit up with unbridled, unadulterated joy as the trial room flashed upon the screen, about half of the contestants still remaining. "Shh! It's staaarting! I've waited so, so long for this!"

And so, the two watched the episode together. One of which, ever cool and composed, yet flinching at the mass bloodshed and the horrific screams of the losing competitors being brutally executed, and the other clinging onto her seat, digging her sharp nails into the fabric harshly as her breathing grew heavier and more laboured and mindless drool slipped from the corner of her mouth, radiating an animalistic demeanour.

After the parade of executions had finally ended after what seemed an eternity of agony, the light of the girl's life flickered onto the screen sitting on a black and white throne. Her voice boomed from within the television as she let out a nefariously sinister cackle. "Puhuhu! What a dramatic turn of events! After all that talk of hope... Despair won in the end! I mean, well, duh! Of course it did! Despair always wins! Oh yeah, I almost forgot - don't forget to join in the killing fun by signing up for the next killing game on the Team Danganronpa website. Thanks for watching I guess, I don't really care, buh-byee!"

Despite the appearance being short-lived, she practically moaned at the sight of the woman as she dropped to her knees to touch the screen. "Oh Junko, I love you so much... Thank you, thank you for this blessing! I love you!"

And with that, the screen faded to black, fascinated viewers still spamming frantically in the live chat about how terrible the outcome was or how stupid a certain character was for getting them executed, some even already grieving, sobbing, over the deaths of their favourite cast members. It was so tragic. But so beautiful.

She clung onto the screen as she mumbled against it.

"I can't wait for our dreams to finally become reality. I can't wait to plunge the world into despair! I'll fulfil Junko's legacy where she cannot!" she grinned. "Because I... Am Junko Enoshima."


Shuichi Saihara was not one for gossip, that elementary fact was known by all of his peers, so when he found himself watching a movie based off of gossip and childish betrayal he was shocked that he was enjoying such a thing. Kokichi was now sprawled across his lap, his head upon Shuichi's knees as he giggled at the screen (but he didn't mind), occasionally reaching up behind him to feed the detective some sort of sweet or piece of popcorn. He had further unintentionally began to take note of Kokichi's enthusiasm towards the film as he frequently lit up with sweet little outbursts of: "Hey! I love this part!" and "You need to see this bit!" and whatnot.

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