Chapter 2: A Cunning Scheme

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The journey back to HQ was a long one filled with the usual tedious, repetitive rant about heist safety. The experienced thief had heard it countless times already - he knew that he didn't have the time to play around and that he needed to take his job seriously, but in his eyes he was the leader and that meant he could do whatever he wanted. Playing around during missions had become habitual and allowed the immature male to escape the tedium of daily life. Anyway, he needed to have some fun once in a while. Was that so much to ask?

Of course he loved HQ; he'd dedicated several years of his life, along with the other members of the organisation, to renovating the underground lair and making it habitable for himself and his friends, but even an exciting place like headquarters could be so boring sometimes. They'd been living there since they were children and the same black and white walls of bolted metal plates everyday became dreary, dull and uninteresting.

There were about ten main rooms in total, a few quite big implying more work was necessary for them to look as impressive as they did, with other rooms here and there for if they needed extra space. Although, they were all the same, more or less, if you removed the furniture and homely decorations they had dotted the place with to distract themselves from the fact that it was all just one large metal prison.

The thief sat in the back of the checkered van, the vehicle unmarked, with the pigtailed brunette who had been yapping at him like a needy dog for the past fifteen minutes.

"And that's why it's important you listen to what we tell you! Brother will be angry at you again! And Minerva! Isn't that right, Vigour?" Her voice high and loud, she leaned into the front of the van where a tall, muscly man in a red afro was driving.

A slender male with short brown hair and a fringe swept into curtains sat beside him, fiddling about with the amethyst. He went from examining the stone to recording information on his phone, the screen glowing a hazy bright blue as if it were a ghost, a poorly taken photograph. It was a repetitive process so the man was incredibly concentrated on his task.

"Sorry boss, but I'm gonna have to side with Pigtails on this one. It was a really close call this time. Did you see how many police were there? You could've been arrested and DICE would have no choice but to disband without you. We can't take those risks no matter how fun you find them." The man named Vigour blurted out quickly, seeming as if he just wanted to shut the bossy girl up, but he had a valid point. He checked the rear view mirror cautiously.

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say. This time it was necessary though! I had to stick around longer than expected because a sneaky little detective tried to snatch the goods! I wasn't going to abort the mission you dummies! You're all so MEAN!" The plum haired boy snapped in more of a whine than anything else as he removed the clip from his hair. His hair fell as he shook his head, the tentacle-like locks snaking out in all directions. "Mmm... That's much better..." He mumbled to himself, satisfied.

"Detective? You were stopped by a detective? Are you sure? Boomer made sure that anyone who breathed in that gas would be-" She smacked her hand sharply, the slapping sound of skin on skin ear piercing. "Comatose." Pigtails sat forwards in her seat and rested her elbows on her knees. She donned a white dress, torn at the bottom scruffily with a ragged hem highlighting its femininity. Her legs were covered by tight white trousers hugging her legs which she tucked behind the tongue of her black and purple shoes. She used one hand to fiddle with the checkered scarf covering her flat chest and shoulders, toying with the soft fabric between her fingertips.

"Of course I'm sure! When Ego turned the lights back on when I was about to steal the amethyst I saw him trying to escape with it! He didn't look like he was sleeping to me, Pigtails! I chased him around a storage room and threw things at him and made a whole shelf of pots smash off of the wall in front of him! That wasn't the funnest part though! Then I handcuffed him to a shelf and snatched the gem right out of his hands! Nee-heehee, he was great fun! More fun than you guys! You don't let me do anything when I'm the leader!" His voice was childish and innocent, turning whiny and pouty within his last few sentences. His violet eyes sparkled under his mask as he spoke about the boy from earlier that evening - he didn't hate the detective at all, rather he found the taller male quite interesting and thought about all the ways they could play together next.

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