part 8

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Sophias pov
I put my head on Dylan's shoulder, and almost drifted to sleep. Then Dylan layed his head on mine. "Hey, do you guys want anything while I'm getting gas?" Chase asked pulling up to a gas station "Can I have some Pringles and an ice block chasey." I said as chase hopped out of the car. He walked inside the gas station

"Who are you going to share a cabin with?" I asked Dylan still my head on his shoulder and his head on mine "I don't know, ellie's?" Dylan said "why don't you share a cabin with me?" I ask

"Chase wants to go in a cabin with you." Dylan says "Why?" I ask "I don't know, he might like you." He says whispering. Chase comes back with my ice block and Pringles. He hands them to me "Thanks chaseyy." I say smiling. "He doesn't like me." I whispered to Dylan "Yes he Does." He whispered. "Lies." I said opening my ice block. I took it out and Dylan licked the other side. "Eww don't do That, grossie." I said shoving him. I took a bite out of it. "Do you even care?" Asked Dylan "No, not really." I giggled "wierdo." Dylan said

Skip to then we got there

Dylan's pov
"Sophia, we're here." I whispered. "Chase!" I said to chase who was outside with the bags

He walked over to the car "yeah?" Chase said "can you carry Sophia and I'll get the bags and stuff." I said hopping out of the car.

Chase came over to my side and picked Sophia up like a baby, Sophia was atleast 5 ft 5 and chase is like 6 ft, and she's so tiny.

Chases pov
I think I like Sophia, she's just an amazing person, I would love to be more than friends but I think she likes dylan, I see how she acts around him. I'm super duper jelly but I hide my emotions for the best

Sophia was in my arms sleeping, this reminds me of the first day me and her met

Me and her slept in the same bed that night, she's even more beautiful when she's sleeping, she looks so peaceful, she's adorable.

Sophias pov
My eyes were still closed, Last time I checked my phone it was 6:25 and that's when I fell asleep

I smelt chases cologne, I love that smell, all I could smell was him.

I opened my eyes and chase was holding me taking me to mine and his cabin thingy, "hey sleepy head." Chase says smiling. "I'm tired." I moan "I know, I'm taking you to our cabin and we can sleep, we are all going to have an early night tonight." Chase says opening a door

I see that we have a queen sized bed, he layed me down on the bed and I emedietly fell asleep

Chases pov
As soon As I layed her on the bed she fell asleep, well that's hard to put her in the blankets.

I picked her up and pulled the blanket off of where I was going to put her, and layed her down

I tucked her in the sheets. The cabin was actually pretty big for why I thought it was going to be.

I went into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth, I walked out of the bathroom, I took my t-shirt off, turned the light off and walked over to the bed.

I got in the blankets. The cabin had light stands which were on, both of them. One on my side and one on sophias.

I put my arm around Sophia, she was wearing short shorts and one of my long tops that I gave her 4 weeks ago, she still hasn't gave it back but I don't really mind....she looks better in it than I do.

Sophias pov
Chase put his arm around me, I snuggled into him,

"Chase?" I ask

"Yeah?" Chase says while I turn around.

"I don't know haw to say this." I say

"You can tell me anything." Chase says playing with my hair.

"How do you tell someone you like them?" I ask while putting my hand at the back of chases head

"Well? Uh- I have no idea,maybe you should just tell them and see if they have the same feelings." Chase says looking into my eyes.

"Chase." I say


"I like you." I say while running my hands down chases head, to his cheeks. And I kissed him

Chases pov
She told me she liked me, and i-i-uh I think I like her too?"

She ran her hand down my head and on to my cheek

"I like you too." I say kissing her, passionately.

Sophias pov
"I like you too." Chase said kissing me pasionatly.

My heart was melting and beating so fast, I loved this, I loved being around chase and I'm going to love him

Chase slid his tounge into my mouth. He stopped kissing me and started kissing me all the way down to my neck

"Don't give me a hickey." I say. "Hm should of told me earlier." Chase says smirking.

He starts sucking on my neck, flicking his tounge around.

"Fuck." I moan and chase stops sucking.

I climb on top of him and I take my shirt off. Chase puts his arm around my waist. "You don't know how long I've wanted you." Chase says smirking.

Payton and Ellie barge into the room obviously drunk.

"Oops sorry, do you guys wanna come to the beach, we are having a fire thingy." Payton says covering his eyes laughing.

"Yeah we will be there in a sec, now get out." Chase says pointing to the door.

I just laugh in embarrassment.

"Okay let's get dressed." I say hopping off of chase.

I'm so embarrassed, omg, now payton and Ellie will go tell the rest, oops.

"I'm taking your playboy jersey cause I forgot my jerseys." I say looking through chases bag. "Ah found it." I say pulling out a big playboy jersey.

I put it on and walked over to chase. He put a t-shirt on and another jersey.

"Piggy back?" I say putting my arms on his shoulders.

"Only for you." Chase says bending down. I jumped on his back and off we went.

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