pt 3

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Sophias pov
"So guys we are here." I say walking up to the gate "what? You live here? This is like a mansion." Payton says laughing

I put the code in to unlock the gate. 2014. That was the pin cause that's when my older sister died. Chase wheeled me to the front door *knock knock knock.* "Mrs Ferris your cat isn- oh it's you." Jason says laughing "bro what happened?" Joe says "this person over here broke my leg, but it's fine" I say wheeling inside "oh yeah meet my new friends." I say pointing to chase, payton and the rest. " oh hi guys." Joe says shaking all of there hands.

The girls walked inside, and dove on the couch. "Home sweat home." Ellie says "this isn't even your house." I say laughing grabbing my cruches.

I stand up with the cruches holding me and I walked over to the couch and sat down. "Y'all wanna sit down or somthing?" I yell at the boys "uhh sure." They all say walking to us. Chase sat next to me. "So guys what do you guys want to watch?" I say grabbing the remote "we should definitely watch a horror movie, I'm in the mood." I say clicking the horror genre on Netflix "can we watch *don't move* it seems scary." Chase says."hold up, JOE DID YOU FEED MY HAMSTER AND MY TURTLE.?" I yell at Joe who was upstairs "YEAH!" Joe yells back at me "THANKS!" I yell at him clicking on the movie

"We need food." I say out of no where. "Well we could go to the shop and get snacks and you can order somthing while we are gone?" Payton says getting up "I'll stay here with Sophia, you guys can go to the shop."  Chase says looking at me. We made eye contact. Holy Jesus Christ. I never knew until know that he was so hot, like dayum. His blue eyes, staring into my eyes, In his eyes I saw the ocean and kindness and caring. He's just so mf cuteeeeeeeee uh I mean hottttttt.

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