pt 2

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Sophias pov
I was hoping on my leg all the way to the hospital. "Fuckkkkkkkk, are we there yet." I say whining "nearly, just a few more minutes." Payton says " I can't wait a few more minutes, my left leg is getting sore from hoping." I say whining again. "How about I carry you instead?" The boy said "I'm chase by the way." He said smiling "well chase, you can carry me then, my leg is fucking soreeeee." I say stopping. He lifts me up and holds me like a baby, "ow, be careful with my leg." I say laughing "sorry." He says laughing. I put my arms around his neck.

Chases pov
I fell so bad for breaking her leg, I wasn't watching where I was going when it happened "ow, be careful with my leg." She says laughing "sorry" I laugh. She put her arms around my neck. She's so hot, and she skates, likeeee whoo. I bet she's taken, she obvi has to because look how hot she is, she can't be single
End of pov

Sophias pov
"Are we there yet?" I say whining "okay we are finally here." Chase says walking up the steps. I was taken into this room. They did a few x-rays, I HAD broken my leg, they put a cast on it, they handed me a piece of paper with the doctors info and when to come back to get a check up. They placed me in a wheel chair,and handed me a pair of cruches "thanks doc." I say wheeling out the door. "Your welcome Sophia, now don't get into any trouble!" He yells but not that loud "I wont" I say wheeling to the boys and girls.

"Sooo what are you guys doing tonight?" Payton asks "well,they are probably gonna go to the skate park or somthing? Oh and I could learn some tricks on my wheel chair." I say sarcasticly "no, we were planning on heading back to sophs and watching movies, we were planning on going into the hot tub but, plans have changed. So movies it is?" Zoe says "well what are you guys doing?" Nicci says "we were ALSO going to watch movies." Payton says. "Well why don't you guys come over to sophs, and watch movies with us? Her house is big enough." Madi says. I nudge her with my cruches. "Yeah, sure why not, if you guys want to?" I ask

"Yeah that would be fun." Chase says

They start walking out, and I'm at the back by myself "guys wait up!" I yell wheeling so hard to them. "Great now my arms are TIRED." I moan "I'll push you." Chase says walking behind me "thanks chase your so NICE!" I yell to get the others attention "I swear they are deaf." I say. Chase starts to laugh. They all turn around "oh so now you have our attention WOW, bitch ass."you say under your breath. Chase starts to laugh more.

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