part 6

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Sophias pov

"Okay, bras, check, undies, check, swimsuits, check, tops, check, shoes, check,socks,check, pants, check, shorts, check, charger, check, ugg boots, check, phone, check, robe, check , body wash, check, scrunchies, check, shampoo and conditioner, check, camera, check, back pack, check,onesie, check and I think that is it?" I say to Zoe, madi and Ellie.

"Well we are ready." They all say. We got up. "Wait, moisturizer, lip balm and face wash." I say walking into the bathroom

We are going to these cabins in the woods. There is a cliff and a lake. There is about 10 cabins. Some of them have bunk beds, but in the others,they have a king sized bed.

"Hurry up the boys are waiting." Zoe says.

"Hold up......................and done." I say walking out of the bath room. "Okay let's go get the boys." Ellie says. We walk out of the room and go down stairs. We are taking two cars. But I'm going in chases and Ellie is driving my car. We also haven't sorted out who we are going to be sharing/sleeping with in the cabins. I rlly hope that I share with drayke or Dylan. Because they are the most sensible people out of the whole group.

"Bye bro I hate you." I said hugging Joe "I love you to sis." He said letting go. I walked over to Jason and gave him a big hug "I love you Jason." I said to him "I love you too sis." He said letting go "Bye guys I'm gonna miss you." I say walking out the door. "Be safe and don't get into any trouble, bye Sophia." Joe and Jason said to me before I left the house

All the other girls had already had there bags in the car. But since I'm going in chases car I'll have to hold on to my bag, so when we get to chases house I can just put my bags in there.

10 minutes later

We finally arrive at chases house. We pull up to the drive, I hop out of the car "CHASEEEE!!" I scream pulling my bag out of the car. I look up at chase window. He popped his head out and saw me, he started smiling "Okay, coming." He said closing the window. We were just standing there waiting for him.....

Hey guys so,I heard on social media that Zody isn't a thing anymore, bc Zoe kissed drayke. If you are a Zoe fan, and backing her up saying drayke kissed her. You are totally wrong. Zoe wanted to kiss drayke and drayke said no. Then out of no where Zoe kissed drayke so fast he couldn't do anything, and he did the right thing by telling Cody bc drayke did nothing wrong, it's not an accident to kiss someone if you want to kiss them OK so stop blaming drayke PERIODT!!!!!!

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