part 10

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Joes pov
I got a call from chase saying to come get Sophia and fast. I was so worried

Sophias pov
I woke up in the hospital with a person beside me.

"Look, I'm sorry Sophia I was drunk an-"

"Who are you." I ask and he has tears rolling down his eyes

"Y-You don't remember me?" He says putting his hands on mine.

"Uh-no sorry." I say holding his hand.

"I'll go get Sam." He says walking out.

"Wait, who's Sam?" I ask

Then another boy walks in and sits down next to me.

"Are you Sam?" I ask sitting up. "No I'm joe, I'm your brother." He says kissing my for head.

"I-i don't remember you at all." I say hugging him.

Then, this doctor walked in he had this sad expression on his face.

"So Joe, can I talk to you in private?" The doctor said moving his hand for joe to come out of the room

Joes pov
"So,it looks like Sophia lost her memory. It's from when she broke her leg, when she fell, she must of hit her head, or damaged one of her parts in her brain. She knows knowledge and how to walk and stuff, she just can't remember memories, people, names and faces. You get wht in saying. There is a 1 in 5 percentage of her getting her memory back. Somthing has to trigger the memory,or She just won't know those memories." The doctor said

"I-i-ok so she has no idea what happened in the past?" I ask the doctor. Sadly he nodded his head.

"She will be able to come home tommorow,maybe someone might want to stay here and stay the night and take Sophia home tommorow." He says walking back in the room

"Does she know?" I whisper to him. "Not yet, it's hard to take in to be honest." He says walking over to Sophia.

Chases pov
The doctor came out of the room and told us about what is going on. It was hard to take in. All the good memories we've had together, but the bad memories. I pulled Sam and Ellie away from the room

"Can we promise never to speak of what happened at the cabins." I say looking at Sam and Ellie.

"Okay, it's for the best." Sam says putting his hand in the middle

We all put our hands in the middle.

"Okay, let's get back to Sophia

Hey guys, sorry for this short chapter, I'm so tired all the dam time. I'll try to post more. I have been staying at a friend's house and I haven't been on my phone. Anyway bye👌

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