part 9

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Sophias pov
Chase was giving me a piggy back ride down to the beach.

I was wearing his playboy jersey, one of my favs.

I have no idea what me and chase are? Friends? Boy friend and girlfriend? Best Friends? I'm not sure.

Chases pov

I really like Sophia, she's an amazing, beautiful, caring and loving person. She cares about anyone, no matter What, even if she doesn't know them

We got on the beach and we could see everyone near the fire. Sophia was still on my back. Everyone besides Zoe,Sam and Dylan were drinking.

Sophia jumped off my back and held my hand, I looked at her and smiled. "Ooo here's the love birds." Payton says pointing to us. Sophia let go of my hand and put it in her pocket.

I gave payton that look and he just shrugged

Sophias pov
We got where everyone was and I sat on the soft sand and crossed my legs.

Dylan looked jelly when payton said "Ooo here comes the love birds." He may like me. I have no idea.  I like him as a friend, but I kind of acted like I liked him but I didn't

Payton walked over to me, he looked like he was going to fall over, is he even surposed to be drinking? Meh. He hands me a bottle. "No thanks." I refuse. "Just have some fun." Payton moaned. "I'm not that type of girl." I say smiling sarcastically. "And what does that mean?" Ellie says coming over to me. "The one that drinks and has party's, no offense." I say looking at chase, I don't know why I looked at him

"No offense taken." She rolls her eyes.

"This is boring, I'm going back to the cabins." I say standing up. "Have a good night." I say walking away. "Hold up im coming." Dylan said walking over to me. "Oh, and me." Zoe said running over to me and Dylan. "Can't forget me." Sam says running. "I'll see you tonight." I said to chase. "Ok." He said turning back around.

"So what are we going to do?" Sam says. "Hot tub." I say looking at Dylan. "Defeniltly." Zoe says laughing.

We got back to the cabins and I went into my cabin and got changed into my black bikini and put my yellow scruncie around my wrist and pulled my hair out of the pony tail. My hair is naturally straight, and I hate curly hair.

I walked out and Sam was there outside of my cabin. "Woah." Sam said almost druling. I just blushed, Sam was wearing normal shorts, showing his defined abs. "Oo look at my bestie lookin finee." Zoe says coming over to us. "The hot tub is outside of draykes cabin." Dylan said walking over to that cabin.

"Lets gooo."I ran to the hot tub. "Hold up i forgot the towels." Zoe says walking back to her cabin that she was sharing with Dylan.

Me,Dylan and Sam hopped in the hot tub and turned on the lights. "What colour should the lights be?" Dylan asked playing with the lights.

"Light purple." Me and sam said.

Dylan turned the settings to purple. "What are hot tubs for exactly?" I ask

"Idk." Dylan said

"Do you know what this reminds me of." Sam said smiling

"What?" Dylan says

"Two bros chilling in the hot tub, FiVe fEeT aPaRt cAuSe tHeY'rE NoT gAy." Sam says which just makes me laugh.

"K,I'm back." Zoe says hopping in. She sits next to me and just looks at me, she gets confused cause I was laughing.

"What?" Zoe says. "Nothing." I laugh.

"What did I miss!?" Zoe said. "That Sam is a meme god." I laugh looking at Sam.

Chases pov

The beach wasn't that far away from the cabins. I could hear them talking a little bit. I think they are in the hot tub. Wait! That means Sophia is basically half naked. I remember Sam telling me once ages ago that he liked her, and I still think that she likes Dylan, who is also with them. But I told Zoe that I liked her and she's with them.

"Drink?" Payton says handing me a bottle. "Sure, why not?" I said grabbing it. "That's ma boyyy." Drayke said throwing his hands up in the air.

"I dare you to chug that." Ellie says putting her head on my shoulder. "Chug,Chug,Chug,Chug,Chug!"Payton and drayke chant.

I took the bottle and chugged it, while I was doing that, drayke,Payton,madi and Ellie chant "Chug!." I finished the while bottle and threw it in the fire. "Woohoo." I scream. I'm a bit drunk.

After a few drinks.

Ellie was all up on me grinding on Me, ngl I kinda liked it. She started kissing me and sucking on my neck leaving love bites. I was to drunk to even stop it, my drunk self loved it, and the sober part also loved it.

"Lets take this to my room." I whisper in her ear. She smirked and I took her up to my cabin. I think I like Ellie now

Ellie's pov
I saw chase holding hands with Ellie and bringing her into mine and his cabin.

"What the actual fuck is chase and Ellie doing holding hands, walking in to my cabin!?!?" I say standing up and getting out out of the hot tub. "Hold on, I'll come." Sam says hopping out of the hot tub and walking to me.

I opened the door and chase was on top of Ellie. "Chase?" My voice cracks trying not to cry. I said it very quite. He didn't hear and just kept on kissing her. "Chase!" I said cracking my voice. "Uh-fuck Sophia."Chase said sitting up off of Ellie.

"I-ellie you went and kissed the person I liked." I said softly crying. "Actually it's fine, me and chase were never dating, we just liked each other and that was it, right." I said wiping a tear from my eye.

"Look I'm Drunk, you can't blame me." Chase says standing up. "No, I can't blame you, because we never dated, it's fine." I said walking in and grabbing my bag. "Look I'm sorry." He said grabbing my hand. "Did you ever even like Me?" I ask. "I did. Alot." Chase says.

"Well I liked you alot too." I said pulling my hand out of chases grip. "I didn't like the thought of you in a hot tub, with Sam and Dylan."Chase says with a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Then how does this feel." I say walking over to Sam and making out with him, his lips were so soft. Sam put his hands around my waist.

"Stop please." Chase says crying. "Then how do you think I felt?" I say pulling away from Sam.

"Look I'm sorry, I'm Drunk, how was I surposed to just stop and stuff, I have no idea what got over me, Ellie was the person that started grinding on me and kissing me." Chase says

"Then why didn't you just stopped or not started drinking in the first place?"I started shaking. "Why are you shaking?" Sam whispered in my ear. "I-i-i cant breath." I fall onto him. "Sophia?" Chase runs up to me. "G-get Joe." I said putting my hand on chases face. "Ok, hold in there." Chase says running to find my phone. "My-my head hurts." I say to Sam.

"Okay,okay, calm down, it's going to be alright, I'm here, Okay,I'm here, your save, I promise." Sam says putting his hand on my cheek. "Sam, hold Me, never let go." I say. Sam pulls me close and puts me in his lap.

Then everything went black.

Hey my dudes, I have no idea what to write, but ima sort it out. K bye. Sorry for not updating much on this and my other story. Bye loves💓😋

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