part 5

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Btw you are Sophia hahah if you haven't noticed. So when I put sophias pov I mean like you?

Sophias pov
I was on the phone calling the nearest pizza place. I ended up getting 10 pizzas. Well there was a lot of people it was AT LEAST 14 people and the girls wouldn't eat a whole pizza. I wanted to save space for popsicles.

Everyone barged in as soon as I ordered the pizza. "WE GOT THE SNACKSSSSS!" Nicci yelled "Yeah we could tellllllll!" Chase said smiling. "Well what did you guys get?" Payton asked lying the bags on the counter. "We got pizzaaaaa." I said looking through the bag "please tell me you got popsicles." I whined "yes we did, luckly Sam over here remembered." Payton says pointing over to a rlly cute boy.

"Thanks." I say smiling "STOOPID, have you ordered the pizza yet?" Joe says running down stairs "I've ordered it but it hasn't came yet, STOOPID." I say "M'kay, STOOPID." Joe says walking over to the fridge. He pulled out the milk. "PUT IT IN A GLASS!" I yell at Joe "STOOPID!" I say. He has the milk in his hands. He took the lid off "NO! IF I COULD STAND UP RIGHT NOW I WOULD SLAP THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD!" I say throwing   th news paper. "Alright, Alright I'll get a glass." He says walking over to the cabinet and got a glass.

*ding dong*

"Chase can you go get that." I say handing him 50 dollars. "Yep." He says  standing up and walking to the door. He gets the pizza and hands the person the 50 dollars "thank you." Chase says closing the door.

"YESS I'm hungry." Zoe says sitting down. "I got 10 pizzas, we can just lay them out and share ok." I say "m'kay."

Skip 10 weeks

Roses pov
1 week ago I got my cast off. Me, the girls and the boys are all best friends.

Chase Keith, Anthony, Jackson,nicci and Maddy had to fly back to where they lived. I now do online school. Because fans kept on showing up at school so I now do online school with chase and more friends from around the world. Sig is my ibf and I can't wait to meet her 1 day. Chase normally comes over with his MacBook and we do online together or we just face time. Me and chase are the bestest of friends nothing more. Tommorow we are going camping. And I can't wait

Hey guys do you like my new book so far. If you haven't read my other book. You should go read it ✌✌ peace

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