Chapter 5

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(Y/N's POV)

I was furious, but it was my fault. I should've made sure Alastor wasn't in my room before I left.... what a stupid choice I made....

"Tell me, what pages did you read?" I asked.

Alastor thought for a moment before replying.

"Again, you will never know, my dear." Alastor's smile grew, his grin was mocking.

I glared at him. Then I walked over and tried to take my diary back, but Alastor wouldn't hand it over to me that easily. He was sitting on my bed. As I reached for my diary, he leaned backwards, with the diary in his extended arm. I fell into Alastor, and he immediately wrapped his free arm around me. I struggled to free myself, but it was no use.

Alastor then threw my diary across the room, snapping his fingers. The book disappeared. My eyes went wide.

"Where the fuck did you send my diary?!" I yelled.

Alastor thought for a moment.

"Somewhere safe." He replied.

I grit my teeth at his response.

"Give me the diary back! And let me go!!" I yelled.

Alastor thought for another moment.

"If you'd like to see your diary again, you must do as I say. Also, I will not release you." Alastor explained.

I rolled my eyes.

"At least hold me more comfortably..." I suggested.

Alastor's smile grew. He then quickly picked me up, and placed my legs on either side of him. He had me sit on his lap, facing him. Then he wrapped his arms around me again.

"I thought hells most feared demon wouldn't hold or touch anyone? And enjoy it??" I questioned.

My right eyebrow raised in curiosity. Alastor tensed for a moment, his grip grew a slight bit tougher.

"I honestly don't understand myself... to why I feel the need to hold you." Alastor mentioned, he then twitched lightly.

I shrugged.

"I hate it..." I mentioned.

Alastor tensed up more. He started to lightly chuckled.

"Things will change, my dear." He replied.

I shrugged.

"Nothing will change as you say... I honestly cannot feel attraction to another demon. Also, did you not say earlier that there would not be any romantic partnerships in our contract?" I asked.

Alastor twitched. He then flipped me onto my back on the bed. Alastor had me pinned.

"I lied." He whispered.

I was about to say something, but then Alastor started to kiss my neck. I tensed up.

"A-Al...." was the only thing I could cough up...

He started to leave hickies on my neck.

I was honestly enjoying every moment of this, but I shouldn't be..

"Y-ou nee-d t-to sl-ow d-do-wn Al-astor....." I managed to say.

Alastor tensed for a moment. He then started to kiss up my neck, past my jaw, and to my lips.

I twitched lightly, before I untangled my fingers with his hair.

It was like Alastor knew that I was lonely, but chose not to date anyone due to certain reasons.... I bet he knows....

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