Chapter 4

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(Y/n's POV)

I stomped up into my room, furious at what just happened. I swung the door open and Alastor was standing right in front of the doorway.


Alastor looked at me curiously.

"You teleported me here my dear." Alastor replied.

I glared at him. Why the hell did he get teleported to my room, out of all places to be teleported? I rolled my eyes, and shoved him aside, walking into my room.

"I have a few questions for you, Alastor." I mentioned, as I walked past him.

Alastor spun around, the door shutting as he spun.

"Yes, My dear?" He replied.

I started to walk a bit closer to him, but still a safe distance away.

"Let's start with one thing at a time..." I started.

Alastor took a step closer to me, I took a step back.

"You keep your distance buddy." I immediately mentioned.

His grin only grew, it was as if Alastor was trying to harrow me.

I looked at him suspiciously.

"Anyways, why were you trying to take control over me?" I asked.

Alastor raised a hand to his chin, tapping a finger on the tip of his chin.

"Why, isn't this apparent? I purely wanted to take over you, due to the power you endure." Alastor replied.

I facepalmed, this WAS quite obvious...

I am just oblivious...

"Okay, continuing... second, why is our contract include me having a ring? Why does everyone else have a bracelet?" I asked.

Alastors smile never moved, but he did. He swiftly walked around me. Alastor was expressing himself through his movements. I spun to follow his movements, keeping an eye on him.

"Well, my dear, that's something you will find out-" Alastor paused.

He stopped back in the place he was standing in before. Alastor was facing the door. Alastor chuckled, then snapped his fingers. I looked around curiously, what did he just do? He turned around, then walked towards me, but I just didn't move... I felt attracted to him, shit that's what he did... he got really close to me.

"—Sooner than later." Alastor continued.

I was frozen in my current position, what the hell? His right arm whipped around my head, his hand taking grip of the back of my head. I closed my eyes, and tried to back away.

"I don't like you" I said.

I didn't say that at a good time, because Alastor was holding onto the back of my head... Alastor grabbed a tuff of my hair, threatening to pull it. Instead of getting my hair yanked, I felt him push my head forward, what the fuc—

He fucking kissed me...

My eyes shot wide open.... It felt so good but I knew this was so wrong... I pushed his face away, but he immediately yanked the hair tuff. I bit my tongue, showing no weakness in the pain I felt. Alastor can't know I'm weak, because he will use it against me. I shoved Alastor backwards, but he took me with him. We shuffled back a slight bit.

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