Chapter 1

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(Y/N's POV)

Back in the day, it was normal for a kid to scream and play around the neighbourhoods, nothing around to harm them. Children could run far away without being touched by a stranger... but that all changed when I was growing up... In my youth, we had to cower in fear behind closed doors, knowing that a crazy person with a weapon could easily kill us. Too many people kept weapons on their person, which caused all the violence to occur.

I lived in a small town that goes by the name of "Greendale". It seems to be a place that holds no morals, and let me tell you.... it was a depressing little town. This town was ruled by gangs and drug dealers, no one was truly safe there...

But to start this story: I am dead.

I am in hell.

Let me explain why....

I was killed at the age of 7, I got involved in too much at a young age. I never trusted anyone, but I was kidnapped a various amount of times, and the only ways to escape were to: kill or be killed.

And you probably guessed it! I killed a few people.... but the one time I didn't, I got shot in the head, dying immediately.

Now my new home is hell, I currently have been in hell for around 10 years...

I've been staying around the happy hotel, maybe I could escape hell eventually...


"Hey, y/n! What are you up to today?" A voice echoed through the hall of my room.

I scoffed.

"Whatever I want to do! Stop trying to act like my mother, Charlie." I yelled across the room. I was scrambling through my drawers looking for clean sweat pants.

"Fucking hell, I hate when I have nothing to bloody wear..." I rolled my eyes at my own laziness.

"You know, you are technically 17 years old, y/n... which means-" Charlie was cut off.

"-I'm not an adult yet, blah blah blah, I get it." I sassed Charlie. I watched her peek her head around the corner of my doorway.

"This is why I dont like talking to you before breakfast..." Charlie sighed. I rolled my eyes, I tend to do that quite a bit. I grumpily shoved by Charlie to check the dryer for sweat pants.

"You know, you need to learn to have manners..." Charlie mentioned to me. I shrugged and continued toward the dryer.

"I don't care, we are in hell." I barked back at Charlie. I heard footsteps creep up to me.

"Can you just listen to Charlie for once?" Another females voice echoed, but this time it was Vaggie speaking to me. I once again, rolled eyes, and ignored her. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, the grip grew strong, and began to tug on me. I turned around, seeing Charlie standing beside Vaggie,  both behind me. I sighed.

"What? I'm trying to find pants to wear..." I mentioned to both of them.

"You don't have be such a fucking bitch about pants!" Vaggie yelled. I glared at her, getting up in her face.

"Well... maybe I would be less angry if you were." I mentioned, meaning to cut with my words. Vaggie looked shocked.

"WELL, IF YOU WEREN'T A LITTLE SHIT ALL THE TIME, MAYBE I WOULD BE LESS MAD!!" Vaggie yelled into my ear. I backed off, and turned without another word said. Charlie tugged on Vaggie's shoulder.

"You should be a bit easier on her, I mean... she has been here since she died at the age of 7..." Charlie whispered into Vaggie's ear. I felt Vaggie's judgment from behind me.

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