Chapter 9

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 The next morning I woke up at 11am. I usually like sleeping in, but I magically decided to wake up so early in the morning. Okay so it wasn't magical. It was more of my phone ringing really loudly in my ear because someone was calling me.

Who on earth wakes up this early to CALL SOMEONE!?!?!?

Without even bothering to check the caller-id, I pick up.

"Hello?" My voice comes out sleepy and weird.

"GET YOUR BUTT OFF OF THE BED AND GO GET READY!!!" Kaitlin's loud voice yells into the phone. I fall off my bed in surprise and groan in annoyance.

"Kaitlin, it's only 11. You told me to be there at 3. And how do you know I'm still in bed????" I look out my window half expecting a crazy-looking Kaitlin staring at me from the tree outside my room.

"Oh that was just a lucky guess. Besides, your voice sounds like you just woke up. And I'm bored right now so get over here. I have nothing to do for the next four hours."

"How about let your friend here sleep peacefully?" I ask hopefully.

"In your dreams. You have one hour. If your not ready by then, I'm coming there and dragging you to my house." And with that, she hangs up. 

She actually would...

I slowly climb out of bed and start getting ready. 


By 12, I was ready and walking towards Kaitlin's house. I approach her front porch and ring the doorbell. In no more than ten seconds, the door swings opened, I am pulled in by a great force, and the door slams close behind me. My eyes go wide as Kaitlin pulls me into a giant hug.

"Umm.... You okay there?" I ask, confused.

"Brianna told me."

My eyes go wide in horror. Brianna told her about the Drake thing??? Well I guess Kaitlin would have found out sooner or later... BUT STILL!!!

"I'm really sorry. I mean you canceled your plans just so you could hang out with me. I would totally tell you to get your butt to his house... But knowing you, you wouldn't move an inch. Unless of course it's closer to this house..." She hugs me again but this time it was a squeezing-the-life-out-you-because-I-love-you-so-much type hug. 

I manage to choke out, "Kaitlin... Can't... Breathe..."

She quickly lets go and bursts out laughing. After a near-death experience, I can't seem to find anything mildly funny to this.


"You!!!" She says through her fit of giggles. I give her the look and slowly back away from Crazy. She grabs my arm drags me upstairs without saying a single word. I continue to give her the look.

We reach her room and she goes to sit on this one chair she has sitting next to her desk. I take my usual seat on one of the beanbags on the floor.

"So... Tell. Me. Every. Single. Detail." 

I sigh knowing exactly what she's talking about and tell her everything that happened the past two days.

When I finish, she says, "Wow Lily. I leave you for two days by yourself and you manage to get a guy to fall madly in love with you and then you crush his heart by canceling your plans with him not once, but twice!"

"He didn't fall madly in love with me... And I didn't crush his heart.." Only Kaitlin could come up with that type of exaggeration.

"Of course not," she gives me a sly smile.

For the next two and a half hours, we talked about random things (including A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel) (A/N: make sure to read the bottom of the chapter when ur done :).) And the time of misery had officially started after Kaitlin said the words, "Come on. Time to leave."

Not trying to show my disappointment, I fake a smile and follow her out of the house.


We reach Harrison's house and I can't help but frown. What else am I suppose to do when I reach the guy I hate's house and can't do/say anything bad because the friend I'm with is friends with him? (A/N: sorry if that doesnt make any sense...)

Kaitlin gives me a look that said "sorry" as she rang the doorbell. Harrison opened the door and first sees Kaitlin. 

"Hey Kaitlin!!!" He says as he hugs her. Then he sees me and his grin gets bigger.

"Lily. I see you also couldn't help yourself and come to see me. Come here."

Before I know it, he's hugging me too, and I can't help but throw up a bit in my mouth. 

For Kaitlin.... For Kaitlin... I think repeatedly in my head.

Finally, he lets go and I follow him and Kaitlin into the house. He leads us to what I believe is the living room and I see that Robert, Lizzie and Maddie are all here. I always see them around school, but I never really talk to them. They're just not people that I usually hang out with. Don't get me wrong, they're all very nice and super friendly, but it's just that that gets them to be... annoying at times... 

I would never dare to tell Kaitlin or Catrina this, but these people were too happy-go-lucky for my liking. It was good that they never really care that not many people like them, but it can get embarrassing at times...

 Soon, everyone else had arrived (Sammie and Catrina) and everyone except me started talking about who-knows-what. I just kinda sat there uncomfortably, as far as possible from Harrison, of couse. 

Finally Kaitlin noticed my awkwardness and started a conversartion that I can join in, too. I tried, I really did, to talk but it was still really weird for me. Everyone else also talked to me, but my awkwardness got to them and they soon gave up, too. Finally, Harrison declared that we are all going out to eat ice cream. 


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