Chapter 2

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for anyone that is actually keeping track of this book, i made one small change to chapter one. its really small, but a part of Kaitlin's and Lily's conversation didn't happen. (dont want to say anything here to give it away). u'll know what the change is if you read this chapter :)   ok now to the chapter...


By the time we get to the auditorium, I was sitting next to Kaitlin and we were patiently waiting for Mr. Etgen to start. I glance over my right shoulder to see if I can find any other friends that might be in there. Instead of finding a friend, I see Drake sitting there staring at his feet.

Once again trying to ignore his sudden mood change, I turn back around to see Mr. Etgen standing on the stage, ready to begin.

"Ehm. Quiet down everyone!" Mr. Etgen said trying to get everyone's attention. Slowly the chatter stops and it goes silent.

The presentation was fairly boring listening to rules about our future high school and how the basics of high school work. After about 45 minutes, he starts to wrap up and asks if any one not going to our base high school would see him before we head back to class. Out of curiousity, I look around the auditorium seeing who would stand up. Seeing some people that I never paid any attention to throughout the years, I turn back around and start talking to Kaitlin. The first person I see when I turn around is Drake walking towards Mr. Etgen. It took my mind a minute before I realized what was going on. 

Mr. Etgen had asked people to come to him if they weren't going to Grace Hunter High School. Drake was going towards Mr. Etgen. Throughout the presentation, whenever our counselor brought up information on Grace Hunter, Drake would look bored and not pay attention. 

Did that mean... No... It couldn't! He couldn't be going somewhere else! He was getting up for some other reason. Yah. That's it. Another reason... I told myself. No much how hard I tried to reassure myself, I knew it was true. Drake Kallaher wasn't going to go to the same high school with me. 


By the time I get home, I'm still in shock. I couldn't believe it. I had only liked him for about a month, but it was a pretty big crush. And now I find out that after graduation, I'm never seeing him again. It hurt to think about.

Still in shock, I'm sitting in front of my laptop wondering if I should tell my best friend, Brianna. I mean, I tell her everything. She could write my life story and wouldn't miss a single detail. And I could do the same for her. We're that close.

As I'm staring at my email, I realize I have a new email from Mr. Endsley, Kaitlin's dad.

He never emails me unless.... It's completely urgent...

I quickly open the email and knowing Mr. Endsley, I open up another tab. The Ultra-Decoder. (A/N: yahhh... its real :P) After having both tabs open, I read the email...

KEY WORD: pineapple

 Hdhy, wa pra dk trmuiha. Smjamka ahsa cps lmuke mut pimut tca sanrat odhhs. Dl tcay bat tm dt, smjatcdkb nmuhe bm tarrdihy wrmkb. Tcay gkmw cmw djomrtpkt Gpdhdk ds tm ja. Sm ymu just ia wdtc car pt phh tdjas dl sca's kmt pt cmja. Pltar rapedkb tcds, nmja tm jy ocprjpny. Tcara's jmra D just tahh ymu iut dt's kmt spla tm spy dk ajpdh. 

-Jr. Akeshay

I put this message into the Ultra-Decoder and the keyword. Here's what it said:

Lily, we are in trouble. Someone else has found out about the secret pills. If they get to it, something could go terribly wrong. They know how important Kailin is to me. So you must be with her at all times if she's not at home. After reading this, come to my pharmacy. There's more I must tell you but it's not safe to say in email. 

-Mr. Endsley

After reading it all, I jump off my bed and run out of my room. All thoughts of Drake are long gone. Whoever finds out about those secret pills could end up using them for the wrong reason. This could end badly in so many ways.

"Mom, I'm heading out. Emergency! I'll be home as soon as I figure this all out! Bye!!!" I say over my shoulder as I ran out the door. 


so yah that's that. please message, comment or vote. i really want to know if its worth continuing.... and the ultra-decoder thing... its real. i cant remember how i found out, but i felt like using it on here :P  heres the website if you want to check it out... idk you might-    dont worry, its not a virus. well yah. thats it. i feel like im going on about something that doesnt matter, and it actually doesnt so... COMMENT, MESSAGE AND VOTE! help me get more popular! and thanks to those who actually read this!!!

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