Chapter 1

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My life was way more than a teenage girl. I was way more than that. More than a friend. More than a daughter. More than a student. I was a secret bodyguard. A bodyguard to one of my best friends. And what made it a bigger secret, was that she didn’t even know.

My name is Lily Kade and I live in North Carolina. I am currently in middle school. My entire family has a secret life. Even my three-year old sister. She observes. Everywhere we go, she takes in her surroundings and she knows what is going on. My brother, who is eighteen, goes places. Whenever he’s out with his friends, he usually looks at all the news going on in that area. If there’s a robbery, he can easily find out who did it and anonymously helps out the police. My mom is good with chemicals. If there’s ever a moment we need any type of chemical, my mom would have it. My dad can hack into any computer. Give him any computer, and he’ll be in it in less then five minutes. And me, I’m a bodyguard for any kid around age. I can become friends with anyone, so for this, all I have to do is get close to them and protect them as well as I can.

So that’s me and my family. You’d think I have a pretty crazy life, right? Wrong. When at home, we never have discussions about our latest missions unless it’s crazy important. Other times, we’re just another boring family living in North Carolina. And it’s not that hard to pull off. Ever since middle school started, I was assigned to guard one of my neighbors, Kaitlin. It wasn’t that hard to befriend her since we already had so much in common.

Kaitlin's father also lives a double life. Kaitlin thinks of him as an ordinary old pharmacist. He is, but also more. His pharmacy holds some pretty cool cures to all kinds of diseases. Of course, the government knows about these cures, so it isn't illegal. But only the government. Since the supply of these pills are so scarce, they are only used for really important people. Like well-known celebrities and people high up in the government.

Okay so now you know most people. Kaitlin and I are now in eighth grade. We're not as close as last year, but we're still great friends. And this morning, I woke up to the annoying sound of my sister yelling in my ear.


As I was on my way into the school building, I was walking as slow as possible. I hate school just like any other normal teenager, even if I have an extraordinary life.

“LILY!!! WAIT UP!!!” I hear someone call from behind me. I turn around and see Kaitlin running towards me. I stop and smile at her, yelling for her to hurry up. When she catches up with me, we exchange a quick hug and continue walking.

“So... How’s Dra- I mean Koolaid.” She asks, smiling. Looking at her funny, I think about when I told her about him. Of course, the teenage girl side of me got me to like a guy. His name is Drake Kallaher. He has pure blue eyes the sparkle when he smiles and blond hair that always manages to shine.

Kailin sees my puzzled expression and can’t help but laugh. “Remember? You told me last week! We were walking home with Catrina.”

Catrina is another girl in our neighborhood. I barely know anything about her, but she's Kaitlin's best friend, so I end up spending time with her a lot anyway. 

I smile and nod at her, remembering. Carefully looking around, I reply to her question, “He’s good. You know, the usual."

We continue talking about random things until we reach our lockers and we now have to go to our own homeroom classes. As I sit down at my locker, I see Drake sitting at his locker, which is not so far away. I finish with my locker pretty quickly, and I have to pass him to get to my class. I’m almost at the door when my pencil pouch drops onto the floor. Of course. Clumsy me. Then I realize exactly where it fell. Right next to the crouched down figure of Drake.

He looks up at me and shoots me that friendly smile of his. “I think you dropped something,” he says handing me my pencil pouch back. I try not to blush and after mumbling a thanks, I rush into my class.

My friend, Saman, is already in the class and she knows who I like. Aaaand she saw what just happened. She runs over to me with a goofy smile on her face and starts jumping around.

“Gosh Saman! You’re even more happy than me!” I exclaim. Absentmindedly, I turn around and see Drake walk into class. He looks at me and gives me a small smile, blushing. Without thinking, I return his smile. Then Mrs. Dabney walks in and we all rush to our seats.

Throughout math, I know Drake is giving me side glances. I try not to look at him, but soon, I can’t help it and I turn my head just a little. And I see him already looking at me. Blushing again, I make it look like I turned around to look at Saman, who sits behind him. She’s looking at the board, so she doesn’t notice me. I quickly turn back to my desk and try to pay attention to the lesson.


The day goes on and I keep seeing Drake here and there. By sixth period, I’m exhausted from all the work and thinking I had to do in all my classes. Sixth period is social studies. A great class to end the school day with.

The teacher, Mr. Harding, is the best. He’s always telling jokes and random stories that sometimes have nothing to do with the lesson. Plus, he’s not like the other teachers. Just like the students, he too gets tired of the same old lesson that we have been talking about for weeks. So he tries to talk about random current events and sometimes we also play games. That’s one reason I love my social studies class.

Another reason is because Drake is in that class with me. So that reason is pretty clear.  

I get to class and when the bell rings, we all rush to our seats before Mr. Harding enters the room. Sure he’s nice and stuff, but he’s still a teacher.

He enters the class with a smile and scans the class to see who’s here and who’s not. He takes his spot in the front of the class and I can’t help but glance to my right, where Drake’s seat is. Right there. The way the desks are set up, the distance between us seems huge. But if you think about it, you could only fit one desk between us. So in reality, we weren’t that far apart.

Okay.... Stop daydreaming and focus....

When I look over at him, he’s looking at his desk and he has a sad expression on his face. Not thinking too much about it, I turn to Mr. Harding who is talking about the presentation Mr. Etgen, the eighth grade counselor. I had completely forgotten about that. Mr. Etgen was going to talk to us about high school and all the courses we could take and how to sign up for them.

Well... This would be fun. I think to myself.

We all line up, ready to head down to the auditorium. Immediately, I notice Drake is right behind me. I know this might sound stupid, but the thought of having him so close just made me extremely happy. My friends Suzanne and Cassie are both in front of me, unaware of my freaking-out moment. Neither of them know I like him and I intend to keep it that way.

By the time we're in the hallway, Mr. Harding is no longer watching us and the line breaks apart into a jumbled mess. Me and my friends stand side-by-side and talk about whatever is on our minds- which right now is highschool.

As we're talking, I suddenly become aware that Drake is still behind us. He didn't bother to catch up with his friends who aren't that far away. I smile as I fantasize over the fact that he might be standing there just to be close to me.

"Lily...?" Suzanne snaps me out of my thoughts. I jump at her sudden outburst and look over at her.


"You didn't hear a word we just said, did you?"

"Erm... Kinda?" I shrug at them. Cassie looks at me with a puzzled expression. Then I suddenly Kaitlin's class a little ahead of mine. "Sorry... I see Kaitlin! If you don't mind..." I quickly give them both a hug. In the process, I see Drake look at me smiling. I smile back and turn back around to quickly run after Kaitlin.

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