Chapter 10

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We all walked to the ice cream place, me dragging my feet along behind everyone else. Kaitlin and Catrina both turn around suddenly and walk slowly along with me. We really didn't talk much until we got to the ice cream place. Kaitlin went up first and ordered for herself. After I order, I look around the small store to see if anyone else was here. There was a couple in the far right, a lonely looking guy off to the left and a group of guy friends kinda in the middle. I move to where I see Kaitlin and sit next to her.

It was actually quite boring... Sitting there quietly eating the ice cream. Don't get me wrong- I love ice cream and it made me happy, but the people around me... Way too annoying.

I mean, Lizzie and Maddie were fairly nice. BUT THEY LAUGHED AT EVERYTHING! Not kidding.

"So Lily, how are you?" Maddie.

"Good I guess. This ice cream made my day." Me. Maddie bursts out laughing like it's the funniest thing she's ever heard.

"So you like ice cream?" Robert.

"Yeah... I mean... Who doesn't?" Now it's Lizzie's turn to laugh.

"I didn't realize you were coming." Sammie.

"Kaitlin invited me at the last minute." Both Lizzie and Maddie started laughing. WHAT TYPE OF PERSON LAUGHS AT THIS STUFF!?

I tried ignoring them for the rest of the time and ate my ice cream in peace. Soon I realized I had to go to the bathroom and excused myself. When I got to the bathroom, I glance over to the mirror and realize that I've been frowning. Quickly trying to fix my expression, I silently hope I can leave these people soon...

Once I leave the bathroom, I realize I don't see Kaitlin at the table. Panicking (A/N: see noobok... that's how u spell it!!!) a little, I calmly walk over to everyone else.

"Where's Kaitlin?" I try to sound normal but I failed miserably with my voice suddenly going high-pitched.

After giving me a weird look, Sammie points somewhere behind me. I turn and see Kaitlin talking to one of the boys from the table. They looked about my brother's age- 16 or 17. Why would Kaitlin talk to someone that age...? 

Without really thinking, I walk over to the two and before either of them realize my presence, I hear a bit of their conversation.

"So can I call you sometime?" The boy asked.

"Yeah... Sure.. But be careful. My dad is overprotective and if he finds out..." A blushing Kaitlin says.

"Mhm.. So when does your dad get home from work?"

"He comes back-" I cut her off with the clearing of my throat. Her head jerks in my direction and she tries giving me a smile, but her glare is all I see. 

"Who's this?" I ask pointing to the boy.

Ignoring me, Kaitlin looks at him, "I'll talk to you later. I should get back to my friends."

The boy nods and walks away and without even looking in my direction, Kaitlin walks away and goes back to everyone else. I sigh and follow her. She should know that I will find out sooner or later who that is and what he wants. As her friend, I know she shouldn't be talking to a boy that is 3-4 years older than her. As her bodyguard, I have to know what that boy wanted and why he was talking to her.

Once I reach the table, I notice everyone is starting to stand up and getting ready to leave. I quickly grab my remaining ice cream and gobble it up, earning myself a brain freeze. Fun! I suddenly squeal and my hands shoot up to my head. Everyone turns and looks at me like I'm mad or something and I can't say anything because the pain was simply driving me crazy.

Finally it subsided and I shyly told everyone why I practically just had an insanity moment. 


ok so this was probably the worst chapter ever... im starting to feel like im repeating myself a lot with the events so yah. anyway i know this was REALLY short and TERRIBLE and i took the longest time ever to upload (about 2 and a half months) but thank u all so so so so SO much for sticking with me and being patient!! i know i dont have many readers but thank u all for not pressuring me to hurry up and whatever. 




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