Chapter 4

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I slowly made my way back home from the pharmacy while staring at my feet. Thoughts of what Mr. Endsley had told me floated around in my head. I know I offered my help, and I know that it's my job. But this was a big challenge. And very dangerous. 

How can I find this Ananemus person without any leads? And Mr. Endsley won't even tell me what he owes this person. And I gotta do it all while watching Kaitlin.

Ughhh. This is impossible!!! 

Lost in my thoughts, I didn't realize there was a figure of someone running in the opposite direction as me. Well, I didn't realize until I collided with them and fell. I felt something cold and gooey on my shirt and I look down to see an empty egg carton and broken eggs on me and the ground around me.

"Oh I am so sorry. I didn't see you and.. God why am I so clumsy??? Oh and I got egg all over you. THE EGGS! Mom's going to kill me... I'm already late... Oh gosh..." I hear a familiar somewhat deep voice mumble. 

I look up and I can't help but let out a small gasp.

"Drake?" I question. I know I shouldn't be surprised to see him here. But now that I think about it, I've never really seen him anywhere outside of school. It seemed weird to see him somewhere other than there. 

"Lily? Great! It just has to be someone I know," he begins mumbling. "Not that I'm not happy to see you! I mean it's not that im super happy... But I'm not unhappy either! It's just... Oh nevermind!!!!"

I try not to giggle at his obvious nervousness. 

"Drake, it's okay. I'm clumsy; I always drop stuff on myself. Of course not this much, but I've learned how to get rid of tough stains." I say smiling at him.

"Once again I'm really sorry. I would love to stay and talk, but since I dropped all the eggs, I have run back to the grocery store. My dad's boss is coming over for dinner tonight and my mom ran out of eggs for the cake. She would make some other dessert, but she had already mixed half the ingredients together before realizing we are out of eggs." He gives me a sad smile and as he is saying all this, I realize that I'm only three houses away from my own house. I glance behind him and see my dad is home and he is carrying... grocery bags. Even in the distance, I can see the outline of an egg carton in the bag.

Knowing my parents, they wouldn't mind if I gave him the eggs as long as I went over to the store to get them after. 

"Hey, Drake... My dad just got back from the grocery store and he brought eggs. Since you're in such a rush, you can take them. I'll just go over to the store after since I have nothing else to do." I point over to my house and shrugg. 

He shoots me a smile that makes my heart race and nods eagerly. 

Laughing, I run over to my house shouting out to my dad, trying to get him to stop. He looks over at me while he's turning the key.

"Hey, Dad. Drake over there," I say nodding at Drake who is slowly making his way over to us, "he crashed into me and dropped his eggs all over me. He's in a huge rush and really needs to get home soon. Do you mind if he could take ours? I mean I can run over to the store right now if we need eggs for today or tomorrow."

My dad looks at the awkward Drake who is now standing a couple feet behind me. Finally, my dad smiles and rummages through the many bags trying to find the one with eggs. I reach over to the bag closest to me and pull out the egg carton. I hold it up to my dad as if saying "It's right here!" and turn around to give it to Drake. 

He takes them but doesn't make any movement to show he's leaving. I can tell there's something he wants to tell me. I glance over my shoulder at my dad and he's waiting for me to follow him into the house to get money for the groceries. I give him a look and understanding, he wordlessly goes into the house, closing the door behind him.

Most dads out there might never let their daughter alone with a boy. But my dad knows that if a guy ever hurts me, I can beat them up easily. So he trusts me completely. I love my dad. :)

I turn back to Drake, looking at him expectantly. 

"Uhm... Well my mom was saying I could have someone over for dinner. Cause my dad's boss doesn't have any kids. And being an only child, my mom knows I'll get bored. So... Since you were saying you aren't busy... Do you think... maybe.. you can come...?" He asks hopefully.

Giving him the biggest smile I can, I nod and I can see him relax a bit. 

"Awesome. Just be at my house around 6. It's semi-formal so you don't have to wear something too fancy. My house is just around the corner. Here's my address." He pulls out a pen out of his pocket, but he realizes he doesn't have a paper. 

"You can just write it on my hand," I tell him. I always wrote on my hand, so this wouldn't make much of a difference. 

He quickly but gently took my hand and scribbled down his address onto it. Once again, he smiles and turns to leave. He suddenly stops and shouts out, "and thanks for the eggs!!!" 

I suddenly remember I still have to go to the store so I run into my house. I see my dad calmly sitting in the living room with a window right next to him. I know perfectly well this window has a perfect view of the front door. Looking suspiciously at him, I slowly walk away. I guess sometimes he has to be protective of his baby girl. 

I go to the counter where we keep our change for any random moments like now. I grab a five dollar bill and head back out the door.

"So you're going to his house tonight? And didn't bother even informing me about it?" I hear my dad say before I even can touch the doorknob. 

"Oh... Yeah sorry about that. He just needs some company. We weren't even friends before today. I guess all of his friends were busy." 

My dad nods and leaves. I know he still has his suspicions, but like I said- he trusts me. 

I open the door and head back outside. 


The grocery store is fairly empty. Looking at my watch, I see that its 5:00. It's usually not this empty right now. But I only have an hour to get home and get ready. Realizing this, I practically run through the aisles trying to get to the eggs section.

I surprisingly get back home fast, and after putting the eggs where they belong, I run up the stairs to my room. Now for the outifit....

I hate dressing up. It's not something I enjoy. But since it is a semi-formal dinner, I guess I have to dress up a little. The "semi" makes a huge difference. 

Opening my closet, I sigh. I hate picking out clothes. Rummaging through my closet, I decide to wear a plain peach dress that reaches to just below my knees and spaghetti straps. I added a thick light brown belt to go on the waist to add a bit more color. 

I quickly changed and looked in the mirror. I didn't like dresses at all. But I guess I looked fine. 

With my hairbrush, my only weapon, I fought with the crazy tangles in my hair. In the end, after about fifteen minutes, victory was mine. 

Looking at my reflection one more time, I smiled and left my room. I was also wearing small, one inch brown heels that matched my belt. 

Leaving my room, I made sure my dad wasn't lurking around before telling my mom where I was headed. 

I left my house, walking into the warm March air, glancing at my hand to see where I would be heading.


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