Chapter 8

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"LILY KADE, WHERE ARE YOU RUNNING OFF TO NOW!?!?" A voice yells to me from behind. I turn around and my gloomy expression was immediately filled with surprise and happiness. Brianna had attacked me in a giant hug catching me off guard. I let out a startled scream and she bursts out laughing.

"You haven't changed much- still are an easy scare."

"Bri, I saw you two days ago."

"Well who knows how much one can change in such a giant amount of time."

Before I was attacked, I was walking back home from school. I continue walking, not even caring that Brianna is following me, even though she lives 15 minutes away from me if she's walking.

"We should do something together!" She exclaims.

"When? Where? What time?" I ask. These were always the questions I asked when Brianna decided to plan something. Her ADHD makes it hard for her to plan stuff. She always needs my help when it comes to these. 

"Umm.... How about today like now at your house? We'll finish our homework together and do whatever!"

"Sure. But a fair warning- my room is a disaster!!" I tell her smiling. Everytime she comes over, my room looks like a tornado just passed through. 

She returns the smile and we continue walking home. Suddenly we hear the sound of a bike coming towards us from behind. I glance over my shoulder to see which side of the sidewalk the person was on. Who I saw was the last person I thought I would see.


I try to act like it doesn't bother me that he's right there and ignoring me. I pull Brianna to the side and let him pass.

"Wasn't that...."

"Yes," I answer bluntly.

"I thought you and him were starting to hang out and stuff...."

"Yeah well things don't always go the way you want them to."


"So what about Saturday?" Out of the corner of my eye, I see her look at me. I still stare at the ground.

"That's the whole reason he's mad. Canceled. Going somewhere with Kaitlin and her friends."


After that we walked in silence until we got to my house. My mom saw us walk in but didn't question Brianna being here. It's Brianna's second home so she's always welcome here without anyone asking.

 We go upstairs and both sit on my bed. I know she's still thinking about Drake by the way she won't stop watching me. I just sit there messing with the fabric of my blanket.

"You like him too much to just let him go like that, Lily. You have to talk to him." Her voice is filled with worry.

"I can't, Brianna. You know how I get when I'm asking for forgiveness..." 

She bursts out laughing and I can't help but crack a smile. I know we are both remembering one time in seventh grade when I broke the electric sharpner. I felt so bad I kept saying sorry to the teacher, and even though she kept saying it was okay, I wouldn't stop apologizing and I went on about how clumsy I can be and how it can get so troublesome. And I told the teacher I'd buy her a new sharpner that's a million times better. Or I could do extra work in the class or anything just to be forgiven! The entire class wouldn't stop making fun of me for a whole two months. Being my best friend, Brianna still makes fun of me about it. But of course, there are many things we make fun of each other for. 

After calming down a bit, she went back to being serious and gives me the look. 


"What?" I ask, innocently. 

"You can be so frustrating sometimes..."


She shoots me her glare again and I ignore it.


My head shoots up in surprise, "Did I hear you right??? Did Brianna just give up!?!?"

"Yup," she answers simply.

I can tell she's up to something, but I don't question it. I might as well go along with it.

After our little talk, we really didn't do anything else. We finished some of our homework, but it ended with both of us getting distracted really badly. Somehow, we ended up in the park near my house arguing about the randomest things. 

She leaves soon after that. Even though my house is her second home, sadly, she still has to go to her actual home. Of course, when she gets home, we start chatting until we both get sleepy.

Even with the whole Drake thing, today wasn't that bad of a day. Of course I'm still going to be hurting about Drake, but I'll have to get over it soon. I mean, we're only in middle school. 


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