Chapter 5

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I reach Drake's house and it was way bigger than I thought. It was about double the size of my normal sized home. I knew from school Drake's parent's were fairly wealthy, but I didn't realize that they were rich like this. I look down at my outfit and hope that his parents don't think bad of me.

I know I'm going as his friend, but I don't want them to kick me out of their house and forbid him to ever even think of me again.

Great. Now I'm thinking crazy thoughts...

Realizing I've been standing out here for quite a while, I make my way closer to the house.

Standing there nervously, my hand hovers over the door bell.

Here goes nothing...

I hear the sound of the bell echo inside the house and a sudden rush of footsteps getting closer. The door swings open and I come face-to-face with a middle-aged woman. Her brunette hair is tied in a neat bun on the side of her head and her green eyes are looking at me expressionless.

"Umm... Hi. Drake invited me for dinner tonight... Are you Mrs. Kallaher?"

Her eyes suddenly go warm and she smiles, "Oh, yes! You must be Lily!! Welcome, welcome! Please come in."

Okay that was a weird change in personality...

I hesitate before walking in and I quickly glance around the giant hallway. There's a living room to my left, staircase to my right, and the kitchen is visible in front of me.

"Drake is still getting ready. And the other guests aren't here yet. I have to finish up with dinner real quick. And thank for the eggs! Please make yourself at home." She smiles kindly and points to the couches in the living room.

"Thank you." I try being polite and slowly make my way over to the couch. I looked around the room and saw pictures of Drake and his family all smiling at the camera. Drake looks so happy in the pictures, I can't help but smile myself.

It quickly became awkward sitting there by myself in silence, so I got up and walked in the direction of the kitchen. I find Mrs. Kallaher attending three different things at once- a pot on the stove, the cake in the oven, and last minute cleaning around the place.

"Anyway I can help?" I say.

"Oh thank you dear! If you can just set the table, that would be more than enough help."

She opens two cabinets where the glasses and plates are.

Let's see... Drake and his family are three... I'm guessing there's also going to be the bosses wife, so that's two. And then me. So six people...

I grab six table mats that are lying on the counter. I make my way out of the kitchen and hesitate about which way the dining room would be. Since I came from the right, I decide to go left. I find the room to be right next to the kitchen and I get to work.

I finish about five minutes later, and by then, Mrs. Kallaher was just finishing up with cleaning. She saw me entering the kitchen again.

"Oh, good you're done! Do you mind going up to see if Drake is done yet? Go up the stairs by the front door and turn right. His room will be on your second left."

Didn't give mmuch of a chance to answer there, now did you? Not that I mind, of course....

I turn back towards the front door and make my way up the stairs. Taking a right, I walk through the hallway, looking at more pictures of the happy family. I come across this one in which Drake looks about four years old. His mom is helping him hold a little baby, which I'm guessing is a little girl because of the pink hospital blanket. He is looking at the baby so lovingly, like it's his baby sister.

But Drake said he's an only child...

None of the other pictures I looked at had this little girl in it, so I decided that it was his baby cousin or something. I continue walking towards Drake's room. 

I find the door that supposedly belongs to his room, and I knock.

"Drake? It's Lily. Your mom was wondering if you're ready yet." 

He opens the door and I try to avoid his gaze. I know if I look at him I will blush like crazy. 

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go down."

He leads the way down the stairs talking about random stuff along the way. I try to listen, I really do, but I keep getting distracted by the fact i am in Drake's house and he is right in front of me. 

"So what do you say?" He suddenly turns around and asks.

"Wait what?" Lost in my thoughts, I didn't hear what he was asking me about.

Laughing, he replies, "I was asking if you would like to go watch a movie with me and a couple friends on Saturday."

"Oh umm... Yeah sure!" I say smiling. 

He gives me a big smile and continues to walk towards the living room. His mom is sitting there looking through what looks like a yearbook. I know Drake was homeschooled before eighth grade, so I doubt it is his. 

"Oh hey kids. I was just looking through this old yearbook of mine. The other guests are running late so there's a while before they arive. Lily, come here." She pats the space next to her and I walk over and sit. Drake sits on the other side of me and I'm very well aware of how close he is.

Mrs. Kallaher shifts the yearbook a little closer to me and she's flipping through the pages trying to find herself.

"Oh! There's Drake's father!" She says pointing to a picture of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. I can see that Drake got most his looks from his dad. 

She keeps going through different people but I see one person that looks familiar. 

"Who's this?"

"Oh I think his daughter goes to your school. That's Jake Endsley. Now he has quite a story!"

I give her a look that shows I'm confused, but would like her to continue. She starts flipping through the pages again and stops at one person.

"That's Griffin Leonard, his best friend at the time. They were inseprable. You never saw the two without each other. But one day, an accident occured. I don't know the full details, but Jake was about to go bankrupt. Being the good friend he was, Griffin lend him a lot of money. Jake was fine after that- he got a better job and was well-off after that. But after the day things were going better for Jake, he stopped hanging around Griffin. Apparently since it was quite a lot of money Griffin had lended him, Griffin was asking for something in return. Jake refused and since that day, the never talked again. Of course, as you may know, Jake became a pharmacist. But Griffin got into a load of trouble. He's not the type of man you would want to mess with nowadays. I don't know where he is anymore, but he's someone I'm hoping I'll never have to see again.

When she is done saying the story, I got lost in thought. Was Griffin Ananemus? I mean, it all made sense. Griffin helped Mr. Endsley out when he needed his best friend. And Mr. Endsley still hadn't repayed his ex-best friend. So was Griffin now asking for what he needs in return?

The front door opened and a man, who I'm guessing is Drake's father, enters.

"My boss just called and he will be here any second. I hope you all are ready."

He looks at me as if noticing me for the first time.

"Oh hello. You must be Lily." He says smiling. 

God this family smiles a lot...

I nod and he joins us in the living room. We all make small talk before Mr. Kallaher's boss and his wife finally arive.


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