Chapter 6

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Mr. and Mrs. Reddick were both very sophisticated people. They had cold stares that made me shiver and when we were sitting down for dinner, I sat as far away as possible from the two. Mr. Kallaher was sitting at the head of the table. I was to his right and next to me was Drake. Mrs. Kallaher was in front of me and next to her was Mrs. Reddick. Mr. Reddick was across from Mr. Kallaher. Simple enough.

Mrs. Kallaher had set up pasta, chicken, mashed potatoes and salad for us all. As we all ate, we all tried to make small talk, but in the end, the adults all talked about big people stuff. Drake and I just awkwardly sat there. I could tell that he was nervous, and honestly, so was I. Usually I am a very sloppy eater- always dropping food on myself and the table- but today I was trying extra hard not to spill anything on myself. 

Suddenly my phone buzzed in the small pocket I had in the dress. After making sure no one was looking at me, I pulled it out. I had a text from my brother, Reece. He never texts me. I open it and read.

Mr. Endsley is over. He looks like he's scared out of his mind. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!? -R

I'm a little disappointed I may have to leave, but a bit relieved I get to leave this awkward place. I text him back saying...

I'm at a friend's for dinner. -L

I get a reply less than five seconds later.

which friend??? im coming to get u!! -R

DONT COME AND GET ME!! i'll walk. -L

Lily, he's about to burst into tears. im already outside. just tell me which friend. -R

fine... Drake Kallaher... -L there in 5 -R

I look up to see Drake looking at me questioningly. I shake my head at him and go back to eating. For some reason I don't feel like telling him my brother is coming to pick me up.

After exactly five minutes, there's a loud knock on the door. Mrs. Kallaher looks around, surprised and quickly gets up to attend the door. Soon enough, I hear my brother coming into the dining room.

"Lily, let's go." He says simply. Wow, how rude. He doesn't even say hello, much less look at everyone else. 

"Reece, give me a second."

"No! I said now!! He's at our house practically begging to see you." 

Oh god that didn't sound good...

I glance at Drake who is now staring at his plate like it's the most important thing in the world. Sighing, I get up. I look at Reece to give him a death stare, but his gaze is fixed on Mr. Kallaher. Ignoring it, I turn to Drake's mom.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Kallaher. The food was great. But as you can see, I really have to be getting home now. Nice to meet you all. Bye, Drake."

"Wait, Lily. Here's my number. For Saturday..." He slips me a piece of paper and says bye. I leave the house with my brother in front of me. 

"Who's that?"

"Drake... A friend of mine."

"Oh well you have his number now. Isn't that the first guy's number you've ever had?"

"...yeah..." I know it's lame. But I never really bothered to get a guy's number. If they ever gave it to me, I lost it.

"Alright then." I can tell this conversation ended. But I was confused about why he even brought it up. 


"Just wondering...." I know there's something he's hiding but I decide not to question it. 

I climb into his car and before I can even pull my seatbelt down, he speeds out of the driveway and onto the road.


Laughing at me, he slows down a bit, but not enough to get me to calm down. I clutch onto the sides of my seat and close my eyes praying that I'll get home in one piece. The car comes to a stop and I open my eyes just a crack to see my house in front of us. Letting out a sigh of relief, I fully open my eyes and step outside.

I run to the front door and swing it open, knowing it would be unlocked. The first thing I see is Mr. Endsley sitting on the couch with fear evident in his eyes. 

Walking over to him, I soothingly whisper, "Mr. Endsley... What's going on?"

"Kaitlin... She... She's gone..." A tear rolls down his cheek. 

I freeze. Kaitlin's gone. They took her. They came and took her. 


alright well sorry about the small cliff hanger. it was too tempting :P

i know this was a short chapter, and i apologize for that. ill TRY to make the next chapter a bit longer. i have a whole list in my head about what i want to happen. 

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