How could you?

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Spencer had a hard time concentrating for the rest of the day. Without Ashley there her day pretty much sucked. She decided to go straight home after school, Deb kept trying to pry information out of her about what had happened but Spencer didn't want to discuss it. She just wanted to be alone. She tried to take a nap but she had way too much on her mind, she didn't understand how people could be so cruel, how someone could be so mean and heartless to write such harsh words about Ashley for the entire school to see. She couldn't figure out how they were discovered, they'd been so careful about their relationship, only showing affection at Ashley's house.

Then it hit her. She ran to Glen's room.

"Glen can I borrow your car?" Spencer asked, barging into Glen's room. 

"No." He shook his head, turning his attention back to the comic book in his hand. 

"Please." Spencer asked, moving closer to her brother, putting on her patented pout. "I have to go do something."

"Nope." Glen shook his head, not even turning to look at his sister this time. 

"I'll pay you." Spencer said, knowing this would spark her brother's interest. 

"How much?" He asked, looking over his comic.

"Ten." Spencer offered, knowing Glen would never go for it. 

"You're going to do better than that." He twisted up his lip and raised a brow at his younger sister. 

"Okay fine." Spencer said pulling a twenty from her pocket. "Here's a twenty, but that's as high as I'm going. Now can I borrow it or not?"

"Yeah." Glen says, tossing her the keys. "Leave that twenty over ther." He pointed to his dresser and shewed his sister away.

"Thanks." Spencer said as she started to leave his room.

"Yeah, make sure you keep your little girlfriend out of it though." Glen mumbled under his breath causing Spencer to stop in her tracks and turn around abruptly.

"What did you just say?" She asked through gritted teeth, the anger boiling up inside her. She'd heard him clearly, she just wanted to see if he would lie about it. Cause if he lied, she'd know that he was the one who wrote those awful things on Ashley's locker. 

"Nothing what are you talking about?" Glen asked, trying to play it cool but failing miserably. 

"You said my girlfriend." Spencer moved closer to him and said. 

"No I didn't." Glen shook his head, finally looking up at his sister. The anger was evident in her eyes and tone. He knew what was coming.  "Now get out my room before I change my mind." He added, feigning innocence. 

"You knew didn't you?" Spencer got right into his face and asked. "You knew this whole time!" She half shouted. 

"You're really bugging right now little sis." Glen tried but Spencer wasn't buying it. She could see the guilt written all over his face. 

"It was you." She jabbed a finger in his chest, Glen sat up moving further back from Spencer. "You wrote that on her locker didn't you?!" She shouted at her brother, imploring him to tell the truth for once. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." Glen shook his head, standing up with Spencer right in his face. Although he was almost a good five inches taller than his younger sister, at this moment, she seemed to tower over him. 

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