I'm Ashley Davies

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Everyone immediately turned towards the door as she entered.

“Well you must be Miss Carlin.” The teacher said walking over to Spencer and extending out his hand for Spencer to take.

“Yeah.” Spencer said nervously shaking his hand.

“Well, it's nice to have you Spencer.”

“Thank you.” Spencer smiled.

“Class, This is Spencer Carlin, she's new so be nice. You can go have a seat next to Miss Davies.” He said pointing to the brunette in the back of the class.

“Hi, I'm Ashley Davies.”

“Spencer Car-, you already know my name.” Spencer smiled.

“Yeah. He likes to do that with new students. Sorry. So where are you from?”

“Ohio.” Spencer said taking a notebook from her back pack.

“No, really where you from?” Ashley asked again.

“Seriously, I really am from Ohio.”

“Oh you poor child!” Ashley said, receiving a look followed by a laugh from Spencer.

The teacher looked back from the board and gave them a look.

“Yeah, I mean I liked it I guess. It's all I've ever known ya know?” Spencer whispered so the teacher wouldn't hear.

“Well I promise you'll like LA a lot better. Especially if I'm your tour guide.” Ashley smiled.

“Well I'll have to hold you to that then.” Spencer said returning Ashley's smile.

“How about today? What are you doing after school?”

“Well, I had nothing planned.”

“Great! So you're coming with me then. I'll meet you in front of the school at 2:30.”

“Okay. “

Ring, Ring, Ring

The bell rang signaling the end of class.

“ So 2:30...” Ashley said getting up from her desk.

“Yeah okay.” Spencer said gathering up her things.

“Maybe I'll see you at lunch.” Ashley smiled.

“Yeah maybe.” Spencer smiled back.

The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly.

At lunch, Spencer, Clay, and Glen sat together.

“So how is your day so far Spencer?” Clay asked, taking a bite of his pizza.

“Pretty good actually. I met someone already.” Spencer said, quickly realizing how that sounded.

Both Clay and Glen gave her a look.

They got her nerves sometimes, and by they I mean Glen, but they were still her older brothers and they were always gonna be there to protect her from “boys.”

“I mean I made a new friend.” Spencer corrected. “Her names Ashley, and she's pretty cool.”

“That's good.” Clay said continuing to eat.

“ Wait, so you aren't going to ask me?” Glen said putting his pizza down on his tray.

“We really don't care!” Spencer jokes, getting a laugh from Clay.

“Aw, wow that hurts.”

Spencer and Clay burst out into laughter.

“Spencer. Hey!” Ashley said, walking up to their table.

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