I guess we're together now

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Kyla leaned in a kissed Deb. And it wasn't a soft peck on the lips. She threw her hands in Debs hair, pulling her closer to her and really kissed her. And just as Kyla wanted, Ashley and Spencer saw the whole thing.

"Oh my God!" Ashley said with a smile as she looked out in the hallway at her sister who was supposedly straight, with a boyfriend, kissing Deb. Spencer on the other hand didn't say a word, her facial expression was completely blank. Kyla and Deb pulled away both smiling.

"Now, we are going to go back in there and announce that we are together okay." Kyla said lacing her fingers in Debs. 

"Wait." Deb said before they were about to go back in the room. "How is this going to help me get Spencer?" She whispered, a bit confused at Kyla's plan.

"You'll see." Kyla assured her with a wide smile.

"You guy's me and Deb have something that we want to tell you." Kyla said as they went back into the room. Both had huge smiles plastered on their face. 

"If it has anything to do with that kiss..." Ashley trailed off smiling at her sister. "We already know." She added.

"Oh wow, you guys saw that?" Kyla asked, looking embarrassed. Deb had to admit, Kyla was a great actress.

"Uh, yeah!" Ashley blurted out. "Wait, I thought you were straight Kyla?" Ashley asked as Deb and Kyla took seats on the bed, still holding hands.

"I thought I was too...I mean, I've only ever been with guys my whole life so..."Kyla trailed off. "I guess when you know, you know." Kyla added, looking at Deb and smiling.  

"What about Rick?" Ashley asked.

"I'm going to call and tell him tomorrow." Kyla said nonchalantly. 

"Wow wait, so you guys are like serious about this? You're together?" Spencer asked in a more hostile tone than she'd intended. Ashley shot her a confused look, she just shook her head and turned back to Deb and Kyla.

"Yeah." Deb nodded. "Is there a problem?" She asked and Spencer shook her head.

"No." Is all she said. 

"So we're gonna go to my room." Kyla says as her and Deb get up from the bed.

"Yeah." Ashley said with a smile. "You do that." She added as she watched her sister and Deb leave the room still hand in hand.

"Wow. That has to be the cutest thing I ever saw." Ashley said laying back on her bed. "They hang out for one day and they fall in love."

"You think they are in love!" Spencer more so yelled than asked.

"I don't know." Ashley shrugged. "What are you getting so worked up about?" She was confused at her girlfriends behavior all day.

"I'm not." Spencer shook her head. "Nothing." Spencer added.


"See I told you." Deb said once they were safely inside her room. Kyla sits on the bed and Deb sits in the chair across from the bed.

"Oh my God, you were so right, Spencer is so jealous right now." Deb couldn't help but smile. Kyla's plan was working. Spencer was obviously upset.

After a few moments of silence Kyla spoke up. "Deb..." She said softly.

"Yeah?" Deb ask, continuing to spin around in the chair, looking up at the ceiling.

"You're a great kisser." Kyla says boldly, causing Deb to stop spinning and look at her.

Deb stares at Kyla for a moment before saying, "Thanks." With a smile.

They both look away, Kyla blushing.

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