Chapter I

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Chapter I ─ Storm Brewing

[ M I C H A E L   G R I F F I N ]

A lot of things in this world are considered odd, whether it's nonsense you happen to mutter, a wonky picture you come across on the Internet or simply a situation you were in. And boy, oh boy, was I in a situation right about now.

Yet another successful win for the school of East Aredale, however, nobody was celebrating. Instead, my team was forced to listen to a seemingly never-ending lecture by our coach.

You're probably very confused and have no clue what was going on, so let me explain.

The story started thousands of years ago, well... more like fifty, but you get the point. Somewhere in the middle of the United States resided two small towns separated by a river, individually called East and West Aredale, creative, I know. I happened to grow up in one of those towns, the eastern one to be more specific, and boy was it hell here. You see there's a huge dilemma between the two towns, they're stuck in a continuous battle, always trying to best one another, doesn't matter whether it's politics, sport, it's all the same.

The high school of East Aredale took the competition with the West a tad bit too serious this time. Normal squabbles between the two football teams were a regular, however, this time my team, which consisted of a bunch of knobheads and me, decided to pull a 'prank' on the other team and ended up completely trashing their very expensive in-door gym. 

Now, I know what you're wondering, but Michael were you even involved?

Short answer: no, but I was still suffering the consequences and was on the brim of getting suspended because those imbeciles couldn't use their very limited amounts of brain cells to their advantage, maybe I'm being a little mean or a little vulgar, but I had every right to be.

Ever since freshman year, when I decided to join the football team, I was probably the most successful player in the school, I ended up reaching the quarterback status is no time and now, at the beginning of my senior year and yet another season, I'm on the brink of losing it all.

The shouting from our principal and our coach was almost deafening and the already overly packed room swelled in heat, making me a tad bit dizzy. 

"Boys, the damage you've done is immeasurable! What were you thinking, trespassing onto private property and deciding to trash equipment worth thousands of dollars, it's obscene!" Yelled Noah Williams, our team's coach, pinching the bridge of his nose out of sheer frustration.

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