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mingi seems like the type of boyfriend who is playful and a little bit immature with his significant other. he likes to tease his significant other as a way of making them smile, all he cares about is his significant others happiness and wellbeing. he 100% seems like the clingy type of boyfriend, always has to have his hands on his significant other, loves to cuddle like he is definitely a cuddle bug and would definitely get whiny and pout whenever his significant other isn't in his arms. he may look like a tough guy but when it comes to his members and his significant other, he is the softest and most adorable baby, and constantly has a smile on his face whenever with his significant other. please protect this baby at all costs.

QOTD; what are your favourite songs by ATEEZ?

Answer: i love them all but my favourites are definitely treasure, desire, promise & my way!

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